• How Interreg transforms the Mediterranean region

    Economy & Jobs 28-10-2019

    In this Special Report, we will look at how Interreg MED has contributed to the region’s sustainability but also at the programme's future in the EU's next seven-year budget, the Multiannual Financial Framework, considering the planned cuts.

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  • Alternatives to animal testing

    Agrifood 25-10-2019

    The EU legislation provides that principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (3Rs) should be “considered systematically” when animals are used for scientific purposes in the EU These alternatives are basically scientific guiding principles for the more ethical use of animals in …

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  • An EU health policy for rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases

    Health 22-10-2019

    Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) represent one of the more burdensome chronic diseases affecting around 25% of EU citizens of all ages. The European League Against Rheumatism (Eular) says that, beyond the impact on individuals, RMDs impose an enormous burden on …

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  • Striking a balance: IT infrastructure and digital sovereignty

    Cybersecurity 18-10-2019

    As the EU searches for the best path to balance cutting-edge technologies with its future ‘digital sovereignty’, EU policymakers must consider the potential advantages and risks of working with non-EU services providers in technology infrastructure, including 5G.

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  • Biotechnology: Europe’s next ‘hot potato’

    Agrifood 16-10-2019

    The discussion over the future of biotechnology in Europe heated up after the EU Court ruled in July last year that gene editing should, in principle, fall under the GMO Directive. We focus on the future of biotechnology in Europe, the regulatory framework of the so-called new plant-breeding techniques, as well as GMOs.

  • Status Anxiety. The 6 million people at the heart of Brexit

    Brexit 15-10-2019

    This Special Report looks at some of the questions facing EU nationals living in the UK and their UK counterparts, and whether these 6 million Europeans will be victims of the political chaos.

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  • Tatra Summit: Europe’s competitiveness in a global economy

    Economy & Jobs 14-10-2019

    Politicians and business stakeholders from Europe and beyond agree on the pressing need for Europe to adjust in the rapidly changing global environment. What should the EU focus on in order to ensure its seat in the world's future?

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  • Communicating modern animal farming

    Agrifood 14-10-2019

    A communication gap between citizens and farmers in the modern livestock sector is increasingly widening and the general sentiment is shifting from an overall good opinion of those who keep feeding the world toward a negative view on farmers' role in today's society.

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  • Buildings and the forgotten 90%

    Energy 14-10-2019

    Human beings spend on average 90% of their lives indoors. Buildings are also a huge drain on energy resources and create a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions. This Special Report looks deeper into the places we live and work.

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  • A ‘healthy’ vaccines ecosystem

    Health 08-10-2019

    The EU's fragmented market has created barriers for vaccines in Europe. In this Special Report, EURACTIV looks into what a “healthy vaccines ecosystem” is and how its different components could better coordinate to break silos and improve healthcare.

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  • Future of gas

    Energy & Environment 03-10-2019

    Last year, the European Commission started working on a new package of legislation for the gas sector. With the "European Green Deal" now coming up, and updated climate targets in the pipeline, the initiative is set to take a new dimension, focusing on decarbonisation strategies for 2030 and 2050.

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  • Biomethane in the EU

    Energy 30-09-2019

    Biogas production remains tiny at the moment in Europe, but the industry has big plans for the future, provided costs can be lowered and environmental issues addressed. In this special report, EURACTIV looks into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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