• Pharma innovation

    Health 10-10-2017

    Hit hard by austerity, the health systems of EU member states are under huge pressure. Combined with an aging population and the alarming burden of chronic illnesses, EU member states have targeted specific aspects of the incentives granted to the pharma industry in order to decrease drug prices.

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  • Electronic immunisation record

    Health 06-10-2017

    An increase in vaccine hesitancy, combined with the insufficient preparedness of EU member state healthcare systems against infectious diseases, has raised eyebrows in Brussels and the EU capitals, which now seek ways to minimise outbreak risks.

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  • EU law goes digital

    Digital 02-10-2017

    Legal practitioners have so far stayed relatively immune from the digital revolution. But the situation is starting to evolve as technology issues enter the courtroom – from privacy protection to company law.

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  • Phasing-out biofuels: What’s really at stake?

    Agrifood 02-10-2017

    The European Commission's proposal to limit the use of biofuels in transport has drawn heated reactions from farmers who have warned about the effects on jobs and the economy.

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  • Can the next CAP measure its green performance?

    Agrifood 11-09-2017

    The discussion about the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy has kicked off as well as the talks about the policy’s long-term green obligations.

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  • The added value of EU quality schemes

    Agrifood 24-07-2017

    Europe’s farmers are coming under extraordinary financial pressure as shifting export markets and volatile prices take their toll. But new markets are emerging and consumers in Europe and beyond are increasingly choosing to buy high-quality products from the EU.

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  • Heating and cooling

    Energy 21-06-2017

    The heating and cooling of buildings and industry is responsible for half of the EU’s energy consumption, and “much of it is wasted” according to the European Commission.

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  • Regulating consumers?

    Health 19-06-2017

    Over the years, sales and marketing restrictions have piled up on food, drinks and alcohol products. Some are now beginning to worry about a “slippery slope” where tobacco-style regulations – and taxation – are being applied to a whole range of consumer products in the name of public health objectives.

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  • Healthy buildings, healthy people

    Energy 29-05-2017

    The renovation of the EU’s building stock is seen as critical in achieving the bloc’s climate change targets, while reducing dependence on imported fuel. However, less is known about the positive impact renovation can have on people's health.

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  • EU-China: Mending differences

    China 29-05-2017

    Brussels hosts the 19th EU-China summit on 1 and 2 June. The wide-ranging talks will cover issues from trade, climate change and migration to foreign policy and security.

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  • Rural Renaissance

    Biofuels 08-05-2017

    Developing rural areas across Europe has emerged as a necessity in order for the EU to meet a wide range of economic, environmental and social challenges.

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  • Financing energy efficiency

    Energy 08-05-2017

    The European Union has made energy savings in buildings one of the cornerstones of the bloc's efforts to cut dependence on imported fuel. But private investors are still wary of unlocking the trillions of euros of capital needed to renovate Europe's ageing building stock.

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