Electricity 01-07-2022

EU Commission probes Czech state support for new nuclear unit

The European Commission has launched investigations into whether the planned public support for the extension of the Czech Dukovany nuclear plant is in line with EU competition rules.

Central eastern Europe energy hub to coordinate EU gas supplies

The new Prague-based Central Eastern regional task force, established within the voluntary EU Energy Platform set up to secure energy supply and phase out dependency on Russia, will identify bottlenecks in gas supply in the region and propose urgent solutions....

Czech EU Presidency ready to conclude on key climate legislation

Despite not being known for its ecological ambitions, Czechia wants to make climate and the environment the drivers of its upcoming EU Council presidency.
Politics 17-06-2022

EU Parliament chiefs in Prague ahead of Council presidency

Prague and the European Parliament are partners in these difficult times caused by the war, leading EU lawmakers and Czech leaders agreed during a meeting in the country’s capital ahead of Czechia’s six-month stint at the helm of the EU...
Politics 15-06-2022

Ukraine, energy security top priorities for the Czech EU Presidency

The Czech government presented its priorities for its upcoming EU Presidency on Wednesday (15 June), foregrounding the issues of Ukraine's EU candidate status, alongside energy security. EURACTIV Czechia reports.
Health 15-06-2022

Push to revamp rare disease EU framework intensifies before Czech presidency

Improving screening tools and strengthening the incentive system for orphan drugs are among the main suggestions for overhauling the European legislation on rare diseases, a topic included in the health priorities of the forthcoming Czech presidency of the EU.

Czech MEPs, business concerned over taxonomy vote

Attempts in the European Parliament to block the EU taxonomy and legislation listing gas and nuclear energy among “sustainable” investments have sparked heated debate among Czech lawmakers who say it could harm the energy security of Europe. If the European...

Czechia keeps mum on Russian gas embargo

Czech authorities are keeping their stance on future energy sanctions close to their chest. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has praised Czechia for supporting Ukraine’s path towards EU membership. Czech and Ukrainian Foreign Ministers Jan Lipavsky and Dmytro Kuleba...

Czechia negotiates LNG imports from Oman

The industry and trade ministry has been negotiating with the Oman gas company over potential LNG imports to the country, with Czechia potentially investing in local fields and pipelines to secure energy supplies.

Czech experts: Tackling cancer care inequalities in Europe requires more data

Access to oncology care in Europe is often accompanied by inequalities which can be tackled by better data collection and usage, Czech experts say. reports.

Czechia plans LNG imports from the Baltic Sea by train

Czech state fuel distributor Čepro is ready to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in the country, so gas could be transported from the Baltic Sea by train. In the future, ship transport is also possible if the navigability...
Cybersecurity 10-05-2022

New cybersecurity law could encounter insufficient capacities, Czech stakeholders warn

The forthcoming set of broader EU cybersecurity requirements could hit obstacles in the form of insufficient financial and staff capacities, prompting fears in the Czech Republic that they could create new headaches, particularly for private companies.
Agrifood 10-05-2022

Agri-clash in Czechia over organic farming after war in Ukraine

Large Czech agribusinesses oppose the EU’s plan to extend organic farming to 25% of the land, warning against potential food price hikes amid an already challenging situation due to the war in Ukraine. The EU harbours ambitious plans, as a...

Russia’s sixth sanction package opens EU’s Pandora’s Box

Budapest and Bratislava are unhappy with the European Commission’s proposal to ban Russian black gold despite being given extra time to phase it out, while Sofia and Prague have jumped on the bandwagon and are now asking for special treatment. ...
Agrifood 03-05-2022

Czechia should reduce gas-based fertiliser dependency, says Commission

The European Commission called on the Czech Republic to reduce its dependence on synthetic fertilisers, mainly produced from Russian natural gas. “The European Commission’s priority is to link climate action to the provision of food, taking into account the Russian...

Green technologies shortage looming in CEE

A boom in demand for heat pumps and solar panels combined with supply-chain disruptions is starting to cause severe material shortages in Czechia as producers focus on western European markets where consumers can pay more. Experts warn the problem is...
Health 22-04-2022

Industry disputes claims that waiving IP rights will ensure availability of medicines

The European Commission is leading talks on a waiver of intellectual property (IP) rights on COVID vaccines and treatments. However, critics from the pharmaceutical industry argue that changes to the current IP system could jeopardise research and development in their sector.
Economy & Jobs 21-04-2022

Czech gastronomy upgrade critical to attract ‘demanding’ tourists

Switching to quality gastronomy combined with greening measures in restaurants will be key factors in reviving the Czech hospitality industry in the post-pandemic era, as tourists have now become more demanding in several aspects, Czech restaurants owners have told
Future EU 20-04-2022

Czech expert: EU treaty change unlikely after Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe will not lead to changes in the EU’s treaties because there is no consensus among member states for this, a Czech expert told The conference is a unique exercise allowing European citizens...
Europe's East 08-04-2022

EU funds to help Ukraine refugees are insufficient, frontline countries warn

Frontline EU countries receiving Ukrainian refugees are warning that the bloc's current approach of loosening rules that govern structural fund spending in order to finance the influx of those fleeing the war will be insufficient in the long run.
Politics 14-03-2022

Soviet war memorials take a hit across central and eastern Europe

Several cases of vandalism towards Soviet war memorials have been reported in central and eastern Europe as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While Russian embassies were outraged, national authorities were more understanding of perpetrators. In some cases,...
Health 22-09-2021

More data and awareness needed to fight Alzheimer’s disease, Czech experts say

Low public awareness and the fact that many patients consider dementia symptoms as signs of ageing are among the main obstacles of Alzheimer’s disease diagnoses in Czechia. The government has already adopted an action plan aiming for a change.
Energy 10-06-2021

EU Commission joins Czechia in legal case over Polish coal mine

The European Commission has decided to join the Czech Republic in a bitter lawsuit against Poland over what plaintiffs say is an illegal extension of a license to operate the Turów coal mine near the Czech and German border.
Energy 01-06-2021

Closing the Czech coal industry could cost 25,000 jobs

The Czech Republic is currently considering how best to use EU green funds to modernise its economy and secure just transition of its three coal mining regions. According to experts, the coal phase-out could result in the loss of 25,000 jobs, but investments in renewables can restore the balance.