Transport 17-02-2016

Spain seeks to reopen ‘motorway of the sea’ with EU funding

Spain has asked the European Union for €3 million to resume its so-called 'motorway of the sea' between Gijón in Northern Spain and Saint Nazaire in Western France. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Global Europe 11-02-2016

Spanish MEP urges Commission to investigate Turkish army killings

A Spanish MEP has called upon the European Commission to launch an independent investigation into the killing of 60 people in the Turkish town of Cizre by the military on Sunday (7 February). EURACTIV Spain reports.
Cities & regions 03-12-2015

Spain’s Leganés lends a hand to the world’s most vulnerable

SPECIAL REPORT / For the citizens of the Spanish municipality of Leganés, in the autonomous community of Madrid, solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable populations is second nature. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Regional Policy 02-12-2015

Commission to help fund Spanish rail expansion

The European Commission has announced that it will invest in the expansion of Spain's high-speed rail network. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Global Europe 27-11-2015

Health experts call for unity in providing healthcare to refugees

The director of the World Health Organisation's (WHO) European branch has called for Europe to take a unified approah to the issue of refugee health. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Health 27-10-2015

Research links cholesterol to tendonitis and chronic pain

Chronic pain and tendon inflammation could be directly linked to high cholesterol, according to a study by the University of Canberra. EURACTIV Spain reports

EPP leaders: populism a ‘cancer’ spreading across Europe

Leaders from the European Peoples Party (EPP) meeting in Madrid on Thursday (22 October) warned that populism was a “disease” spreading “like a cancer” in the EU.
Climate change 20-10-2015

Kerry talks nuclear clean-up and TTIP with Spain

The talking points during John Kerry’s visit to Spain have included cleaning up nuclear contamination, TTIP and the Spanish economy. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 15-10-2015

Spain’s ‘Dr’ Rajoy mocked for party election ad

A self-congratulatory party election advert shown yesterday (14 October) by Spain's ruling Popular Party (PP) has sparked controversy, ahead of elections due to be held in eight weeks time.
Climate change 15-10-2015

‘Environmental emergency’ in Spanish river

Brussels authorities have been asked to help tackle a serious environmental problem in a river overrun with invasive plants in western Spain. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 28-09-2015

Catalonia elections: Separatists on collision course with Madrid

The political situation in Catalonia will be extremely tense in the weeks ahead, following Sunday's victory (27 September) by separatists Junt pel Sì. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 14-09-2015

Catalan independence: Fears mount amongst separatist critics

As the run up to the Catalan elections gets under way, Spain and Europe are starting to consider what impact independence for Catalonia would have. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Agrifood 31-08-2015

France, Italy, Portugal and Spain to tackle dairy crisis together

Spain's Minister of Agriculture will meet with her French, Italian and Portuguese counterparts this Friday (4 September), in order to present a united front ahead of a Council meeting on 7 September. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Health 31-08-2015

Heart disease rates continue to decrease

Although cases of cardiovascular disease (CVD) are falling, there remains a large disparity between Western and Eastern Europe. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Languages & Culture 11-02-2015

Linguistic minorities launch European roadmap for diversity

The European Union's minority languages, such as Welsh, Frisian or Basque, should be accorded equal status with the official languages, according to a linguistic diversity road map presented in Brussels last week. EURACTIV Spain reports
Development Policy 08-10-2014

Commission summons Spain over Ebola case mishandling

The European Commission asked for "explanations" from Spain Tuesday (7 October) about the circumstances surrounding the infection of a nurse with the Ebola virus, who was in contact with one of two ill Spanish priests, who died of the disease in Madrid. EURACTIV Spain contributed to this article.
EU Priorities 2020 12-09-2014

Spain divided over Cañete appointment

The designation of Miguel Arias Cañete as Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Policy in the new Commission has divided the Spanish political establishment, with the right-wing government stressing the importance of the position in Brussels, and the opposition denouncing it as "nonsense”.
Cardiovascular disease
Health 01-09-2014

Researchers highlight ‘changing patterns’ for cardiovascular disease

A new report published by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) shows that rates for heart disease and stroke continue to decline in Europe. However, more people in Europe are hospitalised. 
Elections 05-05-2014

Catalonian independence creates EU election issue

Catalonia’s President is pushing for an independence referendum to be held in November. In spite of the official EU position that this is an internal matter for Spain, leading candidates for the European elections have made comments signalling divisions. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Miguel Arias Cañete
EU Elections 2014 17-04-2014

Spain gears up for European election battle

Spain's ruling party, the Partido Popular (PP), has finally published its candidates list for the European elections. EURACTIV Spain reports.
Elections 03-03-2014

Spanish extreme right ‘will get nothing’ in EU election, experts say

As far-right forces gather strength from Hungary to Belgium, Spain appears to be an exception on the continent, as no far-right party is expected to obtain a significant number of votes in the European elections, EURACTIV Spain reports.
Development Policy 13-02-2014

UNICEF chief: Financial crisis cannot justify letting children die

Painful cuts to the Spanish development budget must not directly impact vital life-saving overseas aid, Marta Arias, the director of UNICEF-Spain’s social awareness campaigns, has told
Development Policy 10-02-2014

New laws needed to curb female genital mutilation, NGO claims

A leading development NGO says that efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) will fail without a concerted global push to get the issue onto the global policymaking table, reports EURACTIV Spain.
Development Policy 05-02-2014

MSF Director: ‘We are losing the battle’ for cheap drugs in developing world

José Antonio Bastos, head of doctors without borders (MSF) in Spain, has spoken out against big pharmaceutical companies that "only think in terms of profit" and pay little attention to "real health needs" of the population in developing countries, EURACTIV Spain reports.