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Economy & Jobs 30-04-2020

First quarter results ‘officially’ herald French recession

The French economy is officially in recession as it shrunk by 5.8% in this year's first quarter due to the country's strict lockdown measures in place since mid-March, according to an initial estimate unveiled on Thursday (30 April) by France's National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). EURACTIV France and AFP report.
Transport 28-09-2016

Paris and Berlin hit back against ‘abusive practices’ in the road transport sector

France, Germany and six other European countries have asked the European Commission to examine the consequences of the "abusive practices" and "fierce competition" from certain states in the road transport sector.
Trade & Society 05-09-2016

Moscovici: It is ‘not appropriate’ to suspend TTIP talks

France's European Commissioner believes the EU should continue its trade negotiations with the United States and stand up for its demands, rather than follow the French government's example and give up on the project. EURACTIV France reports.