Politics 23-06-2022

US praises cyber and counter-terrorism cooperation with France, EU

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas welcomed the good cooperation with France and the EU on cybersecurity and counter-terrorism on Wednesday (22 June) but warned that cybersecurity threats were growing "exponentially" and transatlantic partners need to continue collaborating closely and sharing information.
Air Quality 22-06-2022

France ahead of targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

A French centre on air pollution recently published its latest estimates on France's greenhouse gas emissions, and the Ministry of Energy Transition is pleased with it: -9.6% between 2017 and 2021.
Technology 22-06-2022

Metaverse: how to regulate a space yet to be invented?

Although the metaverse promises great commercial opportunities, it raises a number of questions that regulators and legislators are having a hard time answering as this future evolution of the Internet is still at a very early stage.
Elections 19-06-2022

Macron loses majority following Assembly polls

French voters have denied President Emmanuel Macron a parliamentary majority following Sunday's (19 June) second round of legislative elections, while the left and far-right have made significant advances.
Elections 17-06-2022

The Brief — French elections: Underneath the cacophony lie deeper truths

Every election comes with its fair share of confusing percentages, graphs, statistics and thundering statements from both sides of the aisle. The French parliamentary elections are no exception.
Elections 17-06-2022

French legislative elections: the risk of a relative majority for Macron

The French are about to vote on Sunday (19 June) for the second round of the legislative elections and could hand the recently re-elected president a relative majority and strong opposition from the left.

Germany, France, Italy back EU candidate status for Ukraine

France, Germany, Italy, and Romania are all in favour of Ukraine receiving "immediate" official status of an EU candidate, leaders of the four EU countries said on Thursday (16 June) during a visit to the war-torn country struggling to repel a massive invasion launched by Russia.
Elections 16-06-2022

The ‘radicality’ paradox of the French Greens

The left-wing alliance NUPES, which finished neck-and-neck with President Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble! in the first parliamentary election round, has reinforced the view that French Greens are too radical to govern. The reality, however, is much more nuanced.
Elections 13-06-2022

French elections : Left alliance unlikely to win majority in new assembly

France's recently formed left-wing alliance led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon finished neck-and-neck with President Emmanuel Macron's Ensemble! group in Sunday's first round of the legislative elections. However, everything is pointing toward it failing to get a majority in the second round on 19 June.
Future of mobility 13-06-2022

French car industry calls ban on combustion engine cars ‘industrial destruction’

The French car industry has unanimously condemned the European Parliament’s vote to ban the production of combustion engine cars from 2035, arguing it amounts to “industrial destruction” and a “step into the unknown”.
Politics 13-06-2022

French legislative elections: Radical-left coalition shakes Macron’s absolute majority hopes

The presidential movement Ensemble is neck and neck with the left-wing alliance NUPES, with 25.75% and 25.66% of the vote, respectively, as the first round of legislative elections drew to a close on Sunday. It is now not certain that...
Politics 10-06-2022

Emmanuel Macron in Romania and Moldova next week

French President Emmanuel Macron will be on an official visit to Romania and Moldova next Tuesday and Wednesday (14-15 June) and France is "ready" to unblock the Ukrainian port of Odessa.
Elections 08-06-2022

Mélenchon’s bloc sets out economic blueprint ahead of elections

With the French legislative elections around the corner, far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon presented on Tuesday (7 June) his left-wing bloc's economic programme for a "general revival of the system", which has already attracted a bevvy of criticism
Agrifood 06-06-2022

Choosing agroecology is not an option but an obligation, says researcher

Agroecology is the necessary solution to face this problem and generate gains in production, agroecology researcher Xavier Reboud told EURACTIV at a European conference on phasing out of pesticides in Dijon.
Health 03-06-2022

French elections: what does the left-wing bloc have in store for health?

As French President Emmanuel Macron recently promised to overhaul the functioning of hospitals, EURACTIV France takes a closer look at what the new left-wing alliance formed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon is proposing for the ailing health sector.

French PM prepares ‘emergency law’ for climate, reducing Russian fuel

New Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is preparing an “emergency law” to tackle global warming and reduce France’s Russian fossil fuel dependence, she announced Thursday. A “radical transformation of our production methods” is needed to achieve the goal of a “carbon-neutral...
Economy & Jobs 01-06-2022

Sovereign debt level causes new political headache in France

While the European Central Bank (ECB) suggests that an increase in interest rates is no longer a taboo subject, the issue of reducing public debt is back on the French political agenda.
Coronavirus 01-06-2022

Macron promises overhaul of emergency services in French hospitals

French President Emmanuel Macron, together with his new Health Minister, Brigitte Bourguignon, has proposed changing the way emergency services in hospitals are run, one of the sore points of the country's health system, and called for a stakeholder conference on health.
Economy & Jobs 31-05-2022

French financial sector sees ‘return to normal’ says bank governor

France's insurance sector is growing again while banks have seen a "return to normal" after the COVID-19 crisis, the governor of the Bank of France, François Villeroy de Galhau,  said on Monday (30 May).
Politics 31-05-2022

The Brief – Call the doctor, French democracy is sick

The French parliamentary elections are around the corner and, as always, I find it difficult to explain to my fellow journalists and foreign friends how democracy works in my country.
Coronavirus 27-05-2022

France’s new health minister to continue tackling long COVID bane

France's new health minister, Brigitte Bourguignon, will continue the fight against long COVID kickstarted by her predecessor, as Brussels recommends part-time work for those with persistent COVID-related symptoms.
Agrifood 25-05-2022

France’s new agri and food minister: a familiar face in the industry

While not very known to the public, Marc Fesneau, who will take over France's renamed Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, is respected in the field but has been criticised for his past record on animal welfare. EURACTIV France reports.
Technology 24-05-2022

French tech partially welcomes new government’s digital portfolio

The portfolio of France's new "super economy ministry", while welcomed by tech, does not include a successor to Secretary of State Cédric O, creating uncertainty over whether such an appointment will be made. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 20-05-2022

France’s newly appointed health minister in favour of ‘strengthening’ Europe’s health systems

Brigitte Bourguignon was appointed France's new Minister for Health and Prevention in Elisabeth Borne's government on Friday (20 May). Olivier Véran, who she is succeeding, was appointed Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and Democratic Life.