Elections 02-02-2022

The Brief – Macron’s real campaign as a yet-to-be candidate

While political opponents accuse Emmanuel Macron of entering the race for the Élysée Palace on the sly, the yet-to-be candidate is merely exploiting the privilege of outgoing presidents, traditionally allowed to delay their candidacy. Like his predecessors, Macron is careful...
Politics 26-01-2022

The Brief – A French presidency to remember

While France, as befits a true European heavyweight, undoubtedly hoped to leave its mark with a highly ambitious EU Council presidency, journalists may be left with vivid and not-so-great memories of these six months unless Paris shows a little more consideration for their work.
Elections 02-11-2021

The Brief – Eric Zemmour: A non-candidate who enchanted the media

If you're even remotely interested in French politics, chances are you've come across his name in recent weeks. The brouhaha surrounding Eric Zemmour, a presidential candidate who is not running (yet), is hard to miss.
Politics 06-11-2017

A new definition of lobbying would be unnecessary and risky

The Commission wants to redefine lobbying during the upcoming revision of the EU lobby transparency register so that it only relates to direct contacts with EU decision-makers, allowing certain lobbyists to operate under the radar, writes Vicky Cann.