EURACTIV France avec l'AFP

Air pollution costs France €100 billion per year

The French Senate has called for new efforts to tackle air pollution, arguing it inflates healthcare costs, reduces economic productivity and agricultural yields, and has put Paris in the EU's bad books. EURACTIV France reports
Languages & Culture 05-06-2015

National Front MEP under investigation for Islam comments

Relieved of his duties as leader of the National Front delegation in the European Parliament after calling for the "de-Islamification of France", sources told AFP that Aymeric Chauprade is now the subject of a legal inquiry. EURACTIV France and AFP report. 
EU Priorities 2020 12-05-2015

National Front more divided than ever

Jean-Marie Le Pen has announced plans to establish his own political group, deepening the rift within the French National Front. EURACTIV France reports