• Multicultural school for Croats and Serbs in Vukovar fails to take off

    News | Enlargement 24-10-2018

    The construction of a super-modern school in Vukovar, a town that symbolises suffering in Croatia's 1991-95 independence war, was meant to foster inclusiveness and reconciliation in a place that remains divided along Croat-Serb ethnic lines. But the project never took off and Norway is now demanding its funding back. EURACTIV Croatia reports.

  • Former Croat PM Sanader sentenced for war profiteering

    News | Justice & Home Affairs 23-10-2018

    Former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader was found guilty of war profiteering on Monday (22 October) and the Zagreb County Court sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. He was, however, acquitted in a second case after the death of the only prosecution witness. EURACTIV Croatia reports.

  • Orban’s manifesto for a new illiberal Europe

    News | Future EU 17-09-2018

    Helmut Kohl was a major historic figure, the Chancellor who united Germany and set the foundations of the European Union as we know it: with the Schengen Area, freedom of movement and joint currency, the euro. However, Kohl had one flaw: he did not choose well his protégés. EURACTIV Croatia reports.

  • Is Croatia ready to join the eurozone?

    News | Economy & Jobs 14-09-2018

    Croatia's possible entry into the eurozone has become the subject of much talk among economic and political leaders over the past two years, as well as everyday citizens. EURACTIV Croatia reports.