Italy’s Eni starts procedures to pay for Russian gas in euros and roubles

Italian energy giant Eni has started procedures to open accounts in euros and roubles with private Russian bank Gazprombank, the company announced on Tuesday. In April, Moscow said it would only continue gas exports in exchange for roubles in response...

EU capitals mull seizing Russia-linked energy assets

From Sofia to Berlin, governments are contemplating expropriating, nationalising and otherwise seizing energy infrastructure owned by Russia-linked companies. Bulgaria is launching a political debate on the possible expropriation of strategic assets owned by Russian companies. The pro-European Democratic Bulgaria, part...

EU court condemns Italy for breaching bloc pollution rules

The Court of Justice in Luxembourg condemned Italy on Thursday for failing to comply with the EU’s air quality directive as some of its cities exceeded the allowed nitrogen dioxide levels. The court found that Italy had done little or nothing...

Italy in trouble if Russia soon curbs gas supplies, says minister

Italy would be in trouble if Russia decided to curb its gas supplies to the country in the next few months, Ecological Transition minister Roberto Cingolani told Festival Città Impresa in an interview on Sunday. Italy currently imports about 29 billion cubic...

Italy eyes Japan for further renewable energy cooperation

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi recalled the importance of boosting the industrial partnership between Italy and Japan, particularly in the renewable energies sector, at a press conference at Palazzo Chigi after a bilateral meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio...
Agrifood 29-04-2022

Italy to review its CAP plan amid calls for ‘reorientation’ and flexibility

Italy is looking at the possibility of "reorienting" its national strategic plan to implement the EU's farming subsidies programme to support strategic agricultural production in response to the economic consequences of the Ukraine war.
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Future EU 28-04-2022

Time for the United States of Europe!

We European citizens are scared by the return of war at the heart of Europe. The Russian invasion of Ukraine exposes the weaknesses and dependencies of the European Union and its member states, and their inability to project peace and...
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Future EU 28-02-2022

The future of Europe and Putin’s lesson

Every crisis can become an opportunity; it depends on us. Russia’s violent attack on Ukraine lays bare all the contradictions of a still incomplete European integration project. Now is the time to strengthen European sovereignty in energy, security, and defence....
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Future EU 23-02-2022

Ukraine and the future of Europe: some questions to the EU Member states

One of the priorities of the Conference on the Future of Europe is “EU in the world”. The Ukraine crisis poses many questions about what is and what should be the EU role in the world.  Roberto Castaldi is the...
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Future EU 28-01-2022

Conference on the future of Europe: The fight over its conclusion and follow up

As the works of the Conference on the future of Europe proceed, the clashes within the Conference become apparent. The last plenary provided an interesting example and a clarifying debate. Roberto Castaldi is the editor-in-chief of EURACTIV Italy and the...
Politics 11-01-2022

David Sassoli: A great pro-European and a great president of European Parliament

With David Sassoli, we have lost a great President of the European Parliament and a personality who is part of the Italian pro-European tradition writes Roberto Castaldi.
e-Commerce 10-12-2021

Brussels praises Italy for fining Amazon €1.1 billion in antritrust case

The Italian antitrust body has slapped a €1.128 billion fine on Amazon after finding that the US giant holds a position of absolute dominance in the Italian e-commerce market, which has allowed it to favour its own logistics service. The European Commission has already praised Italy's move, while Amazon said it would appeal the decision
Future EU 18-11-2021

The future of Europe jeopardised by inaction of ‘pro-Europeans’

The Conference on the Future of Europe is underway but there is a great risk that it will turn out to be a lost opportunity. This is due mainly to the inaction of “pro-European” governments and parties and the European institutions, writes Roberto Castaldi.

Italian patients with advanced breast cancer in search of information

Despite efforts to raise awareness by the authorities, patients with metastatic breast cancer in Italy are still struggling to understand what options they have and often lose precious time trying to identify the latest available treatments.
Active ageing 24-09-2021

Italy delays €15 million ‘dementia fund’ while disease costs billions

Italy invests as little as it can in dementia even though the disease costs billions to the country’s economy, experts in the filed told EURACTIV Italy.
Future EU 11-05-2021

Federalists: Conference on the Future of Europe could kickstart EU reform

Like the Schuman Declaration in 1950, the Conference on the Future of Europe could pave the way for a reform of the EU, the Spinelli Group – which gathers federalist MEPs and national parliamentarians – with the Union of European...
Future EU 26-02-2021

EPP silent over Orban’s flirt with nationalist Brothers of Italy

Europe's biggest political group, the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), has declined to comment on a letter of support Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbàn sent to Italy’s nationalist party Brothers of Italy, member of another political family, where he cites their shared "Christian and conservative values".
Coronavirus 17-12-2020

Vaccine logistics: the tough part is just beginning

The European Medicine’s Agency is expected to approve Pfizer’s vaccine at an extraordinary meeting on 21 December and then, within three days, the European Commission is set to give its final green light. As for the vaccination process, in practice, everything depends on the readiness of EU countries, especially when it comes to logistics.
Agrifood 09-07-2020

Food security is not outdated topic, says Italy’s farmers chief

It is wrong to say that ensuring both food security and food safety in Europe is an objective that has already been achieved and can be taken off the table, the chief of Italy's farmers' organisation Confagricoltura told EURACTIV Italy in an interview.
Economy & Jobs 26-05-2020

Italian EU minister: No country questions the need for debt issuance

All EU member states, including the “frugals”, are now convinced that the resources for a virus recovery fund must be found on the market, Italian Minister of European Affairs Enzo Amendola told EURACTIV Italy in an exclusive interview.
Economy & Jobs 20-05-2020

MEP: Macron led Germany to decisions previously ‘unthinkable’

The recent Franco-German proposal for a €500 billion Recovery Fund is the result of French President Emmanuel Macron’s “turning point” last April, MEP Sandro Gozi told in an interview. “I place a lot of hope in the European action...
Economy & Jobs 09-05-2020

Conte still ‘cautious’ on ESM but up to Italian parliament to decide activation

Rome remains cautious on using the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) as it was designed to address different shocks. But if the fresh rules governing the new credit line are considered adequate, then it’s up to the Italian parliament to decide...
Regional Policy 05-04-2016

Southern regions found lacking in new Commission index

Publication of the EU’s social progress index (SPI) has shown that many areas of the bloc still have work to do at a regional level. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Health 29-03-2016

MEPs move to tackle animal diseases

MEPs have agreed on a package of measures that is intended to combat animal epidemics, while at the same time maintaining animal welfare. EURACTIV Italy reports.