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Rebuilding Europe: Deep energy renovation should be the heart of EU economic recovery

EU leaders this week will meet online to discuss the immediate economic and social damage brought by coronavirus.  Creating a renovation wave will be central to getting Europe back on its feet. Expectations are high and needs are great, but the solutions are there.
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Confined life under COVID-19 focuses global attention on the need to renovate homes

Weeks of staying inside to limit the spread of Coronavirus mean we've rarely been more sensitive to what it means to be at home. New EU budget proposals in the light of the pandemic are a chance to invest in renovation, for the millions of people living in houses they can’t afford to heat or cool properly – and for Europe’s economic recovery.
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EU agreement on 2050 climate neutrality can help spur a renovation wave

Next week EU leaders have a chance to reach a deal on the 2050 climate neutrality target. If heads of state and government agree to this, it should begin to steer investments in the greening of the EU economy. This is particularly important for the EU’s biggest CO2 emitters, where much of the financing will be needed; our buildings.
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EU must come to New York with a climate plan for buildings

The EU needs a plan to overcome the housing and climate crises, in order to guarantee quality homes to people and achieve a decarbonized building stock by 2050. The European Green Deal presents an opportunity to deliver on affordable, energy-efficient housing, writes Femke de Jong.
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Building circular and climate-neutral buildings for Europe

The circular economy will be an essential building block of a climate-neutral Europe. This can’t be achieved without focusing on the built environment. For this, the EU needs to confirm its commitment to provide direction and a predictable business environment against the 2050 horizon.
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Energy 18-12-2018

Taking buildings to the next level(s), sustainably!

Stakeholders gather today to exchange on the future use of Level(s), a European voluntary reporting framework to improve the sustainability of buildings.  Level(s) could be the basis for a future European construction-sector policy, where energy regulations could be extended to cover other environmental and social criteria.
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When it comes to saving energy, there’s no place like home!

A new study by clean-energy consultancy ClimAct for Eurima examines different possible scenarios for bringing emissions down to net zero. The study concludes that, without renovation of the building stock, there is no way to reach carbon neutrality before 2050.