Coronavirus 21-09-2020

Madrid imposes new COVID-19 restrictions to contain rapid spread

New measures to combat the fast spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Madrid enter into force today (21 September), limiting social gatherings to no more than six people and putting neighbourhoods back into partial lockdown for at least 14 days.
Coronavirus 17-04-2020

Spanish parties bicker over ‘national pact’ for post-coronavirus reconstruction

The socio-economic crisis brought on by the coronavirus in Spain has prompted political wranglings over a national pact for the country’s reconstruction. EURACTIV's partner EFE reports.
Coronavirus 16-04-2020

Opposition criticises PM Sanchez for poor crisis management

As the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down in Spain, opposition parties have intensified criticism of the government's management of the health crisis, amid fresh calls for an extension of the lockdown. EURACTIV's partner EFE reports. 
Economy & Jobs 15-04-2020

Spain marks month in lockdown as recession warnings grow

Spain’s one-month lockdown milestone was met with foreboding news of an economic recession from the International Monetary Fund but authorities insisted the urgent focus remained on saving lives.
Coronavirus 09-04-2020

Spain sees uptick in daily COVID-19 cases, deaths and recoveries

Spanish health authorities on Wednesday (8 April) reported another upsurge of new coronavirus cases and daily fatalities but also recoveries as the World Health Organisation commended the country’s "heroic" response to the pandemic, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.
Coronavirus 07-04-2020

Spain records second-highest number of virus infections globally

Spain’s daily coronavirus fatalities jumped on Tuesday (7 April) after four days of decline, according to new data collected at the weekend, although health authorities said there was an overall downward trend in figures.
Coronavirus 27-03-2020

Spain returns faulty test kits to China as COVID-19 death toll passes 4,000-mark

As Spain's death toll hit 4,089, the Chinese embassy in Madrid said on Thursday (26 March) that the Spanish government bought a batch of faulty COVID-19 testing kits from an unauthorised Chinese company. EURACTIV's partner EFE reports. 
Coronavirus 23-03-2020

Spain’s coronavirus death toll rises 32% as hospitals near capacity

The coronavirus death toll in Spain surged 32% on Saturday (21 March), bringing the total number of fatalities to over 1,300 just a week after the government declared a state of emergency. EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.  There were more than...
Coronavirus 19-03-2020

Spain challenged with returning tourists amid COVID-19 lockdown

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya said on Wednesday (18 March) that Madrid would facilitate the return of foreign tourists to their home countries after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned that the “worst was still to come". EURACTIV's partner EFE reports.
Coronavirus 17-03-2020

Italy approves parental leave, grants for the self-employed

Italy has rolled out a series of measures to cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus, including parental leave.
Coronavirus 16-03-2020

Spain in absolute quarantine as coronavirus cases rise to 7,700

Spain has declared an absolute quarantine, allowing only trips to buy food, medicines or essential products, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced in a television appearance on Sunday (15 March) as the number of coronavirus cases exceeded 7,700, with 288 deaths.
Coronavirus 12-03-2020

Spain’s Sánchez warns about ‘difficult weeks’ to contain coronavirus

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez sent out on Wednesday (11 March) a message of “unity, serenity and stability” to the Spanish people, pointing to the “difficult days and weeks” that Spain faces in order to contain the coronavirus outbreak and get the country back to normal.
Economy & Jobs 04-03-2020

Spain adopts legislation to curb sexual assaults and gender violence 

The Spanish government, a coalition of moderate socialists and radical leftists, adopted new legislation on Tuesday (3 March) to prevent gender violence and sexual assaults, which are on the rise in Spain, EURACTIV’s partner EuroEFE reported. The progressive coalition of...
Digital 19-02-2020

Spain delays collection of ‘Google tax’ amid US pressure

The Spanish Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday (18 February) a national digital services tax known as the "Google tax", as well as financial transactions tax, EURACTIV’s partner EuroEFE reported.
Global Europe 13-02-2020

Spanish PM describes Guaidó as Venezuela’s ‘opposition leader’

Spain’s socialist PM Pedro Sánchez described on Wednesday (12 February) Venezuela’s interim president Juan Guaidó as “opposition leader” of the Latin American country.
Health 12-02-2020

Barcelona won’t cancel Mobile World Congress despite fears over coronavirus

The Barcelona city council has said there will be neither cancellation nor delays to the Mobile World Congress (BMWC), due to start on 24 February, despite concerns over the coronavirus crisis and a cascade of cancellations from tech giants, EURACTIV’s partner EuroEFE reports. 
Elections 11-02-2020

Leftist Podemos chief to join talks with Catalan separatists

Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the leftist Unidas Podemos party who is also Spain's Minister for Social Rights, will take part in a “Mesa de Diálogo” (dialogue table) with Catalan separatist leaders, alongside members of the socialist party (PSOE), EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.

Spanish, Catalan leaders agree to start ‘constructive dialogue’ this month

Spain’s socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez and Catalonia's regional president Quim Torra agreed on Thursday (6 February) to start a "constructive dialogue" in order to break the country's political impasse and solve the "political conflict" in Catalonia, EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.
Brexit 31-01-2020

Barnier and Sánchez discuss top priorities in post-Brexit era

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, met in Madrid on Thursday (30 January) to discuss the Iberian country’s main priorities after Brexit, among them taxation and Gibraltar-related issues.
Politics 22-10-2019

Sánchez praises Spanish police, as far-right rises in polls

Spain's caretaker socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has praised the National Police deployment in Catalonia saying it is “an example of professionalism and vocation of public service”. Meanwhile, the far-right and conservatives are expected to benefit from the violence in Catalonia.
Agrifood 07-10-2019

Tug of war between Madrid and Washington over US tariffs

The Spanish government summoned the US ambassador to Spain, Duke Buchan, on Friday (4 October) to express its opposition to the new tariff increases announced by the Trump Administration. EURACTIV’s partner EFE reports.
Electricity 13-07-2018

Decarbonisation not just an option but an opportunity, insist energy experts

Decarbonising the economy and energy production is now a necessity for states and companies, although it can also be a source of business opportunities and innovation, according to experts. EURACTIV's Spanish partner reports.

EU relies on stability in the Sahel for its own security

“Europe’s security, and that of Spain, depend on security in the Sahel," said the EU Special Representative for the Sahel, Ángel Losada. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.
Future EU 02-07-2018

Austria takes control of the EU, focusing on immigration

The Austrian government (a mix of Christian-democrats and far-right eurosceptics) has taken over the rotating presidency of the Council with a programme focused on tackling immigration. EURACTIV’s partner Euroefe reports.