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Home is where the heat is

Consumers’ preferences must be considered as the EU strives to become a leader in tackling climate change and the new European Commission is devising a Green Deal for Europe. The role of consumers in decarbonising the heating sector is especially important as the new EU legislative cycle begins.
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#EurogasPoll: Home heating in Europe

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Understanding how citizens see their role in the battle against climate change, what they are willing to do in this regard and how do their see their role in decarbonising the heating sector is especially important as the new EU legislative cycle begins....
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Investing in the solutions Europe needs

Eurogas President Philippe Sauquet announces support for the European Commission's vision of a carbon neutrality by 2050 and calls on industry players to work with legislators on timely and innovative solutions for gas, both technological and legislative. This will demonstrate how gas and gas technologies can enable the energy transition

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