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“Affordable, green energy is the lifeblood of our industry, but our access to it is too limited,” says European Aluminium’s new Director General

Paul Voss, recently appointed Director General of European Aluminium, draws on his experience in the energy sector to answer questions about the impact of EU energy policy and the energy crisis on the aluminium industry.
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Three reasons why a Carbon Border Adjustment Measure will not work for aluminium

A carbon border adjustment measure (CBAM) cannot provide carbon leakage protection for aluminium. Consequentially, it will not contribute to emission reductions in Europe or globally.  Aluminium must remain under the current carbon leakage framework, at least in the initial phase.
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Why the COVID-19 crisis highlights the importance of recognising strategic value chains

Director General at European Aluminium Gerd Götz highlights the urgent need to recognise strategic value chains for Europe, both in the context of the announced actions under the new EU Industrial Strategy and the upcoming COVID-19 Recovery Action Plan.

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European Aluminium’s Digital Activity Report 2019-2020

Embark on an interactive digital journey to discover European Aluminium's horizontal advocacy activities, policy work and the latest market statistics.
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Why Europe must safeguard and promote a greener, circular and innovative aluminium value chain

The carbon intensity of Europe’s aluminium production is one of the lowest in the world. In a growing market, preserving primary production in Europe and further developing recycling activities are necessary to meet growing demand while reducing dependency on imports.
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Promoting European climate ambitions and strengthening trade policies to safeguard strategic industries go ‘hand in hand’

Europe can no longer afford to act naively. We must promote open trade based on environmentally friendly practices but we must also protect Europe's jobs and industry from unfair practices worldwide.
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Circular economy 18-09-2019

The EU should foster true circular business models

Aluminium is by nature a circular and thus permanent material. All solutions that keep aluminium in the loop are worthwhile to consider because the metal we preserve today will likely remain in service forever.
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Transport 04-10-2018

Future cars must be lighter – time for member states to act!

The Paris agreement confirmed the need for the transport sector to urgently curb its CO2 emissions drastically. The revision of the CO2 standards for cars and vans is an opportunity for to take a stand for a fully decarbonised transport system and to make Europe lead in the fight against climate change.
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Transport 05-10-2017

Lightweighting: A solution for low-carbon mobility

Making vehicles lighter by using lightweight solutions is key to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from vehicles without compromising passenger safety.
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Future of mobility 21-09-2017

Unlocking the potential of lightweighting in vehicles to meet CO2 targets

Although electrification will undoubtedly play a large role in decarbonising road transport, the obvious but often overlooked solution is lightweighting, argues Patrik Ragnarsson.
Trade & Society 29-06-2016

Walking the same path: Free and fair trade for Europe and aluminium

International trade can only be free and fair if global competitors adhere to the same market rules and environmental, social and health standards. If international trade is not free or fair, Europe’s SMEs – and indeed its entire manufacturing industry – suffer, writes Gerd Götz.