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An ambitious EPBD revision: Good for households and for industry

The revision of the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) can have significant social and environmental benefits but is also an essential piece of the energy transition from an industry perspective, argues Quentin de Hults.
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The European Green Deal is here to stay

The European Green Deal is here to stay and will be a driver of the recovery, requiring more resources like copper writes Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive, European Copper Institute (ECI - part of International Copper Association)
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Overcoming crises requires solid economic foundation and truly circular economy

The circular economy is part of a solid economic foundation. The copper industry welcomes the recent Commission Action Plan, and looks forward to working with the Commission to ensure its initiatives reach their full potential, writes Katia Lacasse, Director of Material Stewardship & Strategic Advocacy – Europe at the European Copper Institute.
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Five key challenges ahead for EU leaders in raw materials

EU Raw Materials Week and the institutional changeover provide a key moment to look at the challenges ahead for policymakers to address over the next five years. These include decarbonisation, the circular economy, product policy, sustainability in the construction sector and responsible sourcing and production, writes Katia Lacasse, Director of Health, Environment & Sustainable Development at the European Copper Institute.
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Preparing for more EVs: Three things for policymakers to consider

With the new legislative mandate of the EU Institutions kicking off and Mobility Week in full force, EVs and sustainable transport are high on the agenda. But more remains to be done. The predicted uptake in EVs in the coming decades means that several issues must be addressed, including charging infrastructure, proper management of the growing battery stock and higher demand for resources, writes Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute.
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Economy & Jobs 27-02-2019

Copper and the Circular Economy: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

Global stakeholders are gathered in Antwerp for the World Resources Forum, themed around ‘closing loops’. To achieve a more circular economy, industry and the EU need to work even closer to address the challenges, and having the right data underpins these efforts.
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Circular economy 15-11-2018

Closing Europe’s raw materials loop: The case for copper

There can be no wind or solar energy, no smart grids and no electric vehicles without copper, aluminium or steel, to name but a few. What Europe must do is enable advanced processing of materials in order to close the loop, writes Dr Katia Lacasse.
Future of mobility 19-09-2018

Rethinking transport: Driving Europe towards sustainable mobility

As cutting emissions out of transport gains in political and scientific importance, Diego Garcia Carvajal writes during European Mobility Week that the time is ripe to embrace electric cars on a grand scale.
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Climate change 22-05-2018

The road to greener and smarter cities is paved with copper

The EU Green Week—taking place this week under the theme ‘Greener Cities for a Greener Europe’—offers a perfect opportunity to reflect on how cities can become more sustainable, smart and resilient. And on the role copper plays in all this, writes Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive of the European Copper Institute.
Electric vehicles 18-09-2017

It’s time to switch gears on electric vehicle uptake across Europe

Next week's European Mobility Week in Brussels provides a good opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved to date, and what is still required to enable and accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Europewrite Hans De Keulenaer and Diego Garcia Carvajal.