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European Nuclear Industry Open Letter: EU nuclear industry is ready to play an important part in supporting national and EU clean economic revival

Today the EU and the world are confronted by an unprecedented health and economic crisis and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic is rightly the immediate priority for everyone. The energy sector across the EU, with nuclear energy at its core, continues to play an important role in that effort - we are reliably maintaining essential power supplies, whilst ensuring the safety of our employees, customers, the public and the environment.
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EU needs nuclear energy to achieve its industrial goals

The success of the EU industrial strategy and the European Green Deal will depend on the EU’s ability to achieve climate neutrality whilst maintaining its competitiveness (including growth, jobs, and technological leadership). Nuclear energy can contribute to making this a reality.
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Nuclear energy: Powering the economy carbon-free growth, jobs and leadership in innovation

If Europe is serious about decarbonising its economy by 2050, then one quarter of the electricity produced in the EU will need to continue to come from nuclear.
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Nuclear must account for one-quarter of energy mix to ensure Europe meets 2050 low-carbon targets

Nuclear must account for one quarter of the energy mix to ensure Europe’s 2050 low-carbon targets. This will give citizens and industry access to the low CO2 electricity they need – when needed – whilst reducing environmental impacts and the economic burden on consumers.
Energy 24-11-2015

Nuclear energy is part of the solution to climate change

Nuclear energy can be considered a low carbon energy source which provides a solution to the challenge of meeting the increasing global demand for electricity, writes Jean-Pol Poncelet.