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Economy & Jobs 30-04-2021

Social Europe – No Green Deal without a Social Deal

‘No one should be left behind’: that is the European Commission’s official message concerning its Green Deal and EU Recovery Programme. What does this mean in terms of representing the social interests of Europe’s workers? Norbert Kluge is the scientific...
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Economy & Jobs 05-09-2019

Strong Codetermination – Solid Companies. An interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff

Prof. Dr. Michael Wolff explains his study and the main results.
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Economy & Jobs 02-07-2019

Politicians must recognize the benefits of co-determination

The topic of this year’s Böckler conference for supervisory boards was the role of codetermination in finance capitalism. In an interview given in the run-up to the conference, I.M.U. director Norbert Kluge calls for the tried-and-tested instrument of codetermination to be strengthened, also at the European level, to safeguard balance between the social partners.