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Economy & Jobs 18-06-2021

Just Transition demands a European legal framework on anticipation and management of change

The Fit for 55% package should be accompanied by a legal framework on anticipation of change that leaves no one behind. This would be a stepping stone towards a more sustainable economy, turning Just Transition from rhetoric to reality.
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Economy & Jobs 04-03-2021

Rebalancing EU industrial policy to guarantee a socially just transition

IndustriAll Europe presents its demands in anticipation of next month’s publication of the revitalised European industrial strategy. Accelerating climate action and digitalisation need concrete answers now. Inequalities within and between countries must be tackled so ‘no one will be left behind’.
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Economy & Jobs 05-05-2020

Workers must not be asked to pay the price for yet another crisis they did not produce

Social dialogue and collective bargaining have delivered concrete and positive results in the handling of the COVID-19 crisis, creating tailor-made solutions. This joint approach needs to continue. We must avoid the mistakes of the 2008-09 crisis where collective bargaining and workers’ rights were sacrificed.
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Economy & Jobs 04-12-2019

Support from industrial workers of the Green Deal will depend on its delivery on Just Transition

How to secure the support of workers in industry for the European Green Deal? Make it social! IndustriAll European Trade union has identified the key requirements to secure their support for what is announced as the flagship initiative of the new European Commission.
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Economy & Jobs 01-10-2019

Time to rebuild collective bargaining in Europe

industriAll Europe launches its “Together at Work” Campaign for collective bargaining. The campaign promotes the benefits of collective bargaining around Europe, for workers but also for the economy and the entire society
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Economy & Jobs 05-02-2019

Low carbon economy without a just transition risks adding fossil fuel to populist fire

Brussels has witnessed two sets of major demonstrations in recent weeks – those by students concerned with climate change and those by people attracted to populist solutions to austerity. The two sets of protests are only seemingly unconnected, writes Luc Triangle.  
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Economy & Jobs 02-03-2018

An ambitious but fair industrial strategy for Europe

The digital revolution is just around the corner. Luc Triangle, General Secretary of industriAll Europe, highlights that as well as being economically ambitious, we need an industrial strategy that is socially sustainable and fair.