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Digital & Media 09-03-2021

The Future of Work: an interview with John Porter

With the launch of the new Deloitte report ‘The Future of Work is Here’, John Porter, CEO of Telenet, gives his views on how he and the company are looking at the future of work, especially under the impact of...
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Digital & Media 17-02-2021

The Future of Work is Here: Are leaders packing up all they know to lead with new skills in an unprecedented way forward?

Over the years, we’ve seen exciting, new and innovative trends in leadership modernize the way companies run and grow their people. We’ve seen linear corporate ladders shift to adaptive corporate lattice models. We’ve seen CEOs trade corner offices for hot...
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Digital & Media 23-09-2020

Digital Healthcare: the new frontier

As the world took a huge leap forward in digital skills and trust in response to COVID-19, our next-generation broadband and mobile networks also stepped up to the plate to meet the challenge of unprecedentedly high demand.  The role of connectivity providers in underpinning the new frontier of healthcare is a significant one.