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Health 09-05-2022

Value added medicines: A patient-centric approach to healthcare

In this podcast created by Medicines for Europe, the presenter informally discusses a key topic related to off-patent medicines with two or more experts, focusing on generics, biosimilar and value added medicines.
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Health 18-02-2020

Medicines shortages: Causes and recommendations

Medicines shortages have multiple causes. We at Medicines for Europe have identified some solutions that can ease the situation.
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Health 22-01-2020

Fighting antimicrobial resistance requires action on many fronts

Koen Laenen, Medicines for Europe, highlights what it takes to tackle the issue of antimicrobial resistance - one of the biggest health threats in Europe and beyond. Measures include ensuring that patient have access to the right antibiotics and reducing antibiotics in the environment.
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Health 18-10-2017

Access to medicines: Let’s have better care, for more patients

Marc-Alexander Mahl is President of Medicines for Europe. Europe’s healthcare model is under pressure. Populations are ageing in Europe – with the number of Europeans aged 65 or over set to rise by 45 million between 2015 and 2050.(1) This...
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Health 12-10-2017

Increasing access to medicines: Better care for more patients

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Due to austerity measures and weak growth, our ageing populations and rising healthcare costs driven by new, expensive treatments, European healthcare faces unprecedented and growing pressures.