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Transport 10-09-2020

The (necessary) rise of LNG

LNG is an acronym that serves as shorthand for Liquified Natural Gas. Today, together with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), it is the futureproof transport fuel for which vehicles and infrastructure are already largely available, affordable, and most importantly, have the lowest emissions.
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Green Finance Taxonomy: sustainable opportunities for transport

The recent adoption of the Taxonomy Regulation by the European Parliament marks the last legislative step for creating the world’s first classification of sustainable economic activities. It is expected to leverage on private investments to set in motion the transformation of the EU economic activities, transport systems included. A rational roadmap to implement available solutions without risky shortcuts is not planned yet.
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Transport 15-01-2020

Renewable gas to foster transport decarbonisation

With the EU Green Deal in place, the role of natural and renewable gases for transport decarbonisation must be recognized. Gas in transport is ready to complement a set of solutions that will gradually change our way to move and to transport freights around the world.