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Agrifood 09-04-2019

Protecting the people behind the barcodes

European ministers meeting in Luxemburg today (9 April) will formally approve new European rules that ban abusive trading practices by supermarkets and large buyers in the global food supply chain, writes Marissa Ryans.
Development Policy 07-04-2017

Hardly any Syrians at Syria donor conference

The EU needs to live up to its own commitments on national ownership and inclusivity to support the future of Syria, writes Alexandra Saieh.
Global Europe 14-09-2016

Juncker’s new investment plan shows he still has not understood the problem

Jean-Claude Juncker is today (14 September) expected to launch the new European External Investment Plan, which aims at “addressing the root causes of migration”. But once again Europe’s solution to the “migration crisis” is not only wrong – it is actually no solution at all, writes Natalia Alonso.
Agrifood 26-05-2016

Scrapping EU biofuels targets is the right thing to do

The biofuel lobby decries plans to scrap biofuel targets. Ending support for harmful and costly biofuels is the only right thing to do, writes Marc-Olivier Herman.
Climate change 18-12-2015

Stand by your vulnerable High Ambition Coalition partners

The EU needs to assess and overhaul all its policies to make sure they fit with the 1.5°C Paris target, and raise more climate finance for developing countries. Anything less would be a kick in the teeth for our vulnerable, ambitious coalition partners, writes Céline Charveriat.
Climate change 18-12-2015

Three action points to get the ball rolling after COP21

Céline Charveriat lists three essential action points that should guide EU countries in their implementation of the Paris climate deal.
Climate change 09-11-2015

EU should lead in climate finance, but not by robbing the aid pot

Keeping global temperatures from rising by more than two degrees will cost a lot, but the world’s poorest countries should not have to suffer in order for the bill to be paid, writes Lies Craeynest.
Economy & Jobs 09-09-2015

Helping Europe’s poor or helping migrants: A political choice

It is wrong to suggest that there is a choice to make between helping Europe’s poor and helping migrants, many of them refugees fleeing from war and conflicts, writes Natalia Alonso.