The Astana Times

Central Asia 25-05-2020

Kazakhstan approves new green projects in a bid to cut fossil fuels in half by 2050

Kazakhstan‘s new leadership, faced with concurrent challenges of volatile oil prices and the coronavirus pandemic, has approved nineteen new renewable energy projects worth $1.1 billion in the country’s latest effort to go green and diversify its energy supply. To date,...
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Central Asia 13-09-2019

Kazakhstan’s history of peace, denuclearisation are valuable in time of global risks, says President

As the role of international law and global institutions in maintaining peace and security diminish, Kazakhstan’s history of peace and denuclearisation can serve as a valuable model, Kazakh President told the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing.
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Central Asia 12-09-2019

Kazakh, Chinese leaders agree to develop long-term strategic partnership

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed during a Sept. 11 meeting in Beijing to “develop a long-term, strategic and comprehensive partnership,” reports the Akorda.
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Central Asia 12-09-2019

Kazakhstan seeks high-tech, agricultural cooperation with China, says Tokayev during Beijing Business Council meeting

Kazakhstan will develop its high-tech sector and elements of Industry 4.0 to increase the degree to which its economy is based on innovation and new technologies, Kazakh President said during the Kazakhstan-China Business Council in Beijing.
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Central Asia 07-06-2019

EAEU summit emphasises cooperation, ties with China and Serbia and commemorates Nazarbayev’s contributions

Participants at the May 29 Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) summit here discussed cooperation within the union, efforts to strengthen its relationship with non-union countries as well as noted its goals and achievements.
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Central Asia 06-06-2019

Education, economy and social justice among topics of televised presidential candidates’ debate

Four Kazakh presidential candidates and three of their representatives discussed social and economic issues and how to solve them in a May 29 live televised debate at the Kazmedia Centre in the capital.
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Central Asia 31-05-2019

New EU-Central Asia strategy seeks mitigating global risks via close cooperation, says EU ambassador to Kazakhstan

Global challenges and risks can be dealt with via closer cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Central Asia, said Ambassador Sven-Olov Carlsson on May 23 during the Day of Europe in Kazakhstan.
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Central Asia 30-05-2019

Kazakhstan’s next president will have opportunity to advance country’s ongoing reforms

Presidential candidates are competing for Kazakhstan’s highest office in the June 9 presidential election, and the candidate elected into office will have to address the most salient economic, social, regional and institutional issues to secure the country’s continued development.
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Central Asia 24-05-2019

China-Europe rail route through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus exceeds expectations in 2019, says UTLC ERA President

The China-Europe railroad shipment route that crosses Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus has become more popular due to the efforts of the United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance (UTLC ERA) and participating countries, said President Alexey Grom.
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Central Asia 23-05-2019

European Commission adopts strategy to deepen relations with Central Asia

The European Commission adopted on 15 May a new strategy on relations with Central Asia, meant to deepen relations and capitalise on the region’s growing influence.
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Central Asia 16-05-2019

UK to support Kazakhstan’s development, strengthen relations throughout country’s political transition, says British envoy

As Kazakhstan enters a new period in its history, the United Kingdom seeks to continue supporting the country’s development and maintaining and strengthening relations, British Ambassador to Kazakhstan Michael Gifford told The Astana Times.
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Central Asia 10-05-2019

Kazakh government kicks off campaign to encourage turnout in presidential election

The Kazakh government has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the June 9 presidential election and to encourage voter turnout.
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Central Asia 09-05-2019

Eight candidates seek the office of Kazakh president

The Kazakh Central Electoral Commission (CEC) closed nominations on 28 April for the presidential election due on 9 June. The field, which began with nine nominees, was reduced by one after a candidate withdrew. The candidates’ registration stage will continue until May 11.
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Central Asia 02-05-2019

Kazakhstan could see first female presidential candidate as Ak Zhol party nominates Yespayeva

The Ak Zhol party nominated on April 24 Daniya Yespayeva as its candidate for the June 9 presidential election. If confirmed by the Kazakhstan Central Election Commission, Yespayeva would be the first woman in Kazakh history to run for president.
Central Asia 29-08-2018

A day to reflect on our nuclear weapon-free future

29 August was chosen by the United Nations to commemorate the anniversary of the closure of the Semapalatinsk nuclear test site, and to promote the initiative for a nuclear weapon-free world, writes the Astana Times in an editorial article.
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Central Asia 14-03-2018

Kazakhstan to lower mortgage costs, reduce taxes on low-wage workers, among other initiatives

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev announced 5 March what he called “Five Social Initiatives”, including tax breaks for low-income workers and greater access to education, that are expected to directly positively impact half of the country’s 18 million people, writes Aigerim Seisembayeva.