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  • To help fix EU budget, end aviation’s tax break

    Aviation 26-02-2018

    The European Commission’s move to make it administratively easier to calculate and charge VAT on passenger transport is welcome and long overdue, writes Bill Hemmings. But instead of abolishing VAT breaks for airline tickets, the EU plan will make a weekend trip treated the same as “necessities” such as foodstuffs, or pharmaceutical products, he warns.

  • For whom the road tolls?

    Road charging 12-02-2018

    The European Commission's proposal to phase-out of car vignettes is fully in line with the treaties and the EU executive has every right to table legislation to that effect, argues Samuel Kenny.

  • Germany’s car industry monkey business

    Air Quality 05-02-2018

    The revelation that German carmakers have tested diesel exhaust fumes on monkeys is just the most recent in an appalling catalogue of scandals in which the German auto industry has been embroiled, writes Greg Archer.

  • ‘We can live with this’: How Airbus was allowed to write its own climate rules

    Aviation 29-11-2017

    E-mail exchanges between the European Commission and Airbus show how the European aircraft manufacturer was offered privileged access to the EU decision-making process, allowing it to write its own environmental rules, writes Andrew Murphy.

  • Making airplanes cleaner: Who should decide?

    Aviation 08-11-2017

    It is essential that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Europe retain the power to have the final say on regulating aircraft and the ability, with parliamentary oversight, to adjust future European regulations as needed to changing circumstances, writes Bill Hemmings.

  • Beginning of the end for aviation’s VIP climate treatment?

    Aviation 04-09-2017

    The European Commission's proposal to continue exempting flights to and from Europe from its flagship emissions trading scheme (ETS) was an overreaction, writes Andrew Murphy.

  • Drivers are the top consumers of palm oil in Europe

    Biofuels 03-07-2017

    As millions of European hit the roads this month for a well-earned summer break, most won’t know what they’re driving on, writes Laura Buffet.

  • Does car sharing really reduce car use?

    Future of mobility 29-06-2017

    Concerns that sharing schemes do not deliver a net reduction in car use are not supported by evidence, writes Greg Archer. Now, digitisation and the sharing economy provide an opportunity to reduce the number of vehicles in our cities even further, he contends.

  • How do you put a price on trucks’ impact on society?

    Transport 16-06-2017

    Hauliers claim that trucks are overpaying in taxes and charges compared to their impact on the environment and society. But the reality is that road transport is now Europe’s biggest climate problem, writes Samuel Kenny.

  • Will the Empire strike back in the next Dieselgate fight?

    Transport 08-05-2017

    The battle over the EU's response to the Dieselgate scandal is drawing to a close. It pits the rebels advocating for more effective controls (the European Commission and Parliament) against the regressive forces of the Empire (some national governments and the car industry), writes Julia Poliscanova.

  • Ryanair denies climate change because it doesn’t like the solutions

    Aviation 19-04-2017

    It’s no mystery why Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary dismisses evidence of climate change as ‘rubbish’, writes Andrew Murphy.

  • Aviation biofuels: Won’t get fooled again

    Aviation 07-03-2017

    Biofuels are being touted as a solution to the problem of aviation emissions. But previous experience shows us we must take care to ensure they are not actually worse for the environment than the kerosene they replace, writes Carlos Calvo Ambel.