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Future EU 13-12-2016

Brexit is a European problem the EU dodges at its own peril

The EU conveniently insists on the UK triggering Article 50 before discussing anything. This looks more like an excuse for inaction than a strategy for the millions of citizens anxiously waiting for what seems Godot, writes Melanie Sully.
Brexit 18-08-2016

Brexit: The lost generation

Research conducted after the Brexit vote has tended to highlight a generation gap, with young people failing to turn out on voting day and feeling let down by the older ones. The research was later contradicted but if there is such a gap, what is the solution? asks Melanie Sully.
Brexit 18-05-2016

Brexit-Brexin: Two leaps in the dark

The referendum debate on the UK and EU has mutated to a classic David and Goliath battle with a public sceptical of both sides, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
Brexit 01-03-2016

Brexit and the ‘Brussels crumbs’ Cameron brought home

Melanie Sully wonders what did David Cameron actually brought back from his late night session at the European Council.
Britain at a crossroads
Brexit 15-02-2016

Forward, Europe – but which way?

Every crisis is a chance so with the debate on Brexit, Europe must have right now a huge opportunity, writes Melanie Sully.
Brexit 29-01-2016

UK disintegration could come from England, not Scotland

It is often imagined that a potential break-up of the United Kingdom might originate from Scotland, after a “No” vote on Britain’s EU membership. In fact, the biggest threat to the UK's unity could reside in a more assertive England, writes Melanie Sully.
David Cameron
Brexit 26-11-2015

Why Cameron should bother to visit tiny Austria

London and Vienna see eye-to-eye on a range of issues regarding Britain’s demands for EU reform, including limiting child benefits for the families of EU migrants. But the good relations are not enough to reconcile the conflict over another hot topic: nuclear power, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
Brexit 14-09-2015

Some open questions in Britain’s EU referendum puzzle

David Cameron has spoken of restricting benefits received by EU migrants. But details on the reforms he has requested, in exchange for Britain remaining in the EU, are vague, writes Melanie Sully.

Britain, chaos and Calais

Sending a few sniffer dogs across the Channel to deal with what David Cameron called “swarms” of refugees cannot cope with the scale of the problem, writes Melanie Sully.
Euro & Finance 03-07-2015

How not to hold a referendum

Referendums need clarity, which means outlining the consequences of each voting option. In the Greek referendum, none of these best practices are met, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
Poppy appeal
Brexit 25-06-2015

Britain’s shy sceptics and the ‘No Thanks’ vote

Opinion polls currently point to a clear victory for the ‘Yes’ camp in Britain’s referendum on EU membership. But those who are shy in declaring their voting intentions could foil the pollsters, writes Dr Melanie Sully.
Brexit 16-06-2015

‘Brexit’ referendum: A boomerang named ‘Speed Kill’

There are good reasons why David Cameron should go for an early referendum on Britain’s EU membership, argues Dr Melanie Sully. But a muddled rushed job would bounce back to cause even more strife in the long run, she writes.
EU and British flags [Shutterstock]
Brexit 07-05-2015

The UK election: A European game changer

Whoever wins the election, neither the Scottish nor the European questions will disappear from the UK political agenda, writes Dr Malanie Sully.