Yves Bertoncini

Swiss-Italy border. [Warrenski/Flickr].
EU Priorities 2020 12-02-2015

Schengen: More security to fight terrorism

The Paris attacks of January 2015 gave rise to an emotion shared by millions of Europeans, while fueling some doubts on their ability to combat terrorist threats within the “Schengen Area”, write Yves Bertoncini and António Vitorino.
Yves Bertoncini, director of Notre Europe [Parti socialiste/Flickr]
Global Europe 28-01-2015

Syriza win is a break in continuity

?Alexis Tsipras' election victory should mark a break with the past and open up a new chapter in the stormy relations between "Europe" and Greece, writes Yve Bertoncini. The EU will now have to accept the new government's policies, while reminding Athens to stick to its bailout commitments.