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EURACTIV.com will develop 13 different types of activities in 8 Countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain). We will implement a total of 73 specific activities translated and localised in 8 languages resulting in 135 individual versions. The well-rounded mix of communication and information measures consists of Editorial, Audio-visual, Events and Interactive tools. The project will reach out and involve agri-food stakeholders and policy makers across Europe and beyond, building on a pan-European database of more than 700 organisations, which will be extended to include environmental NGOs, food and lifestyle influencers, youth, consumer and trade associations. Additional impact and outreach will be ensured, thanks to the EURACTIV content exchange partners, e.g. The Guardian, El Pais, Der Tagesspiegel, La Tribune, Ouest France as well as media retake outside Europe (in the USA, Latin America and Moldova).

The 4 specific objectives mirror the themes of the call and entail a complementary set of activities:

Specific communication objective 1:

Convey an accurate and comprehensive picture of the CAP via fact-based, objective editorial content that de-bunks misconceptions.

Specific communication objective 2:

Raise awareness amongst stakeholders and increase their involvement in the CAP contribution tosustainable agriculture

Specific communication objective 3:

Link the CAP to the EU’s political priorities (such as the European Green Deal)

Specific communication objective 4:

Showcase the benefits and impact of the CAP on the economy and lifestyles of Europeans and beyond

The consortium

The project is made up of media partners across Europe, including EURACTIV Media Network  with offices in Brussels, Berlin and Paris), Europejskie Media (EURACTIV Poland), Asociatia Digital Bridge (EURACTIV Romania), HANZA Media (EURACTIV Croatia), and EFEAGRO in Spain. Free Media Bulgaria (EURACTIV Bulgaria) also supports the project.

The duration

The project started on the 01/07/2020 and will be carried out over a period of 12 months.

Find out more about the activities linked to this project here

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