The EURACTIV Media Network acts as a bridge, gathering media organisations in more than 12 European capitals, each publishing in their own languages. At the core of this network are:

  • the specialised media company EURACTIV, focusing on EU policy and politics, with offices in four capitals: Brussels, Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam;
  • EURACTIV Ventures, including stakes in other companies;
  • and  Fondation EURACTIV, a think-tank for the media sector’s health.

Exchanging quality content saves time for ‘EU Actors’ (EU-level and national policy professionals, plus further journalists leveraging this information). Developing a trusted brand and reaching users across the EU helps EURACTIV clients in their communication. Cross-border journalism and media innovations support fact-based and constructive policy-making, for Europe.

Overall principles:
Driven by quality journalism, we share researched content between trusted experts, united by a brand and core values (media independence, transparency, languages, pro- European, and constructive).

Decentralised, using multiple languages, we build bridges between different European countries. Efficient, we aim for a time-saving platform providing positions of ‘EU Actors’ upstream of policy decisions. Constructive, we highlight any common ground and seek policy solutions. This means that EURACTIV does not focus solely on problems and conflict analysis.

Innovative, network partners cooperate where relevant on:

  • business diversification: answering the sector’s revenue challenge;
  • and technology projects: pioneering a cross-border media landscape in Europe.

Based on facts, data and expertise, this network alleviates disinformation (‘fake news’), ignorance and populism fed notably by social media platforms. The ‘democracy infrastructure’, for Europe’s emerging public sphere, is based on four legs: parliaments, civil society, platforms, and media. Together with further strategic partners (notably leading media groups) the EURACTIV network aims for a sustainable and responsible media sector for Europe.

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