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FestivalFinder.eu and its 2300 registered festivals today are embarking on a new partnership with the City of Bergen, Italiafestival, publiq, Summa Artium and EURACTIV Media Network. The EU supported project “FestivalFinder.eu (a)Live Now” brings together cities, tourism boards, press and academia under a shared objective: to bring local content on arts and arts festivals to the attention of audiences worldwide. “(a)Live” has the ambitious objective to create a centralised interaction channel between festivals and different stakeholders for all sorts of audiences to know what is going on in the festivals world European-wide thanks to the digital tool ‘FestivalFinder.eu’. It kicks off in October under the Creative Europe programme.

FestivalFinder.eu offers information about arts festivals across 45 countries, highlighting one of Europe’s most important assets, its variety of cultures, languages and art forms. It guides international audiences, festival lovers, festival makers, artists, travellers, academics, journalists, bloggers, policy makers, city developers and all stakeholders through the world of Europe’s diverse cultural space. It is rooted in and steered by the festivals’ community with the support of the European Union.

The European Festivals Association together with its partners will invest the next 2 years to develop FestivalFinder.eu so that art lovers have the chance to access even more up-to-date, insightful, complete information on the immense strength and powerful force that festivals bring to local life, community building and sustainable tourism.

Objectives of the Project:

FestivalFinder.eu (a)Live Now has the ambitious objective to create a new intersectoral business model between festivals, cities, tourism boards, the press, academia and the digital sector through a digital tool that involves and celebrates arts festivals. It is a capacity building exercise that ultimately aims to provide better knowledge about festival life in Europe through the activation of a technological platform. We aim to increase access to arts by bringing a growing number and force of festivals in Europe under the permanent attention of audiences worldwide in line with the European Agenda for Culture to promote Europe globally as a vibrant place of arts and culture, also in cooperation and joint actions with the cities they are based in.


  • the European Festivals Association
  • the City of Bergen (Norway)
  • the national festivals association Italiafestival
  • the research observatory of Summa Artium
  • the Pan-European media group EURACTIV Media Network
  • the digital platform for culture and leisure participation publiq


The project started in September 2020 and will be carried out over 2 years.

Find out more about the activities linked to this project here


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