Fondation EURACTIV

Fondation EURACTIV

Fondation EURACTIV, set up in 2004 as a “Fondation d’utilité publique” under Belgian law, is a think-and-do-tank dedicated to fostering a healthy media community in Europe.

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Our goals

We aim in particular to:
  • Support a healthy media sector by fostering a more                                                                proactive EU media policy

    Fondation goals

  • Advocate for media independence, media pluralism and language diversity in Europe
  • Support media improving EU policy coverage at a national and local level
  • Promote media innovation projects for media and related stakeholders

This will, in turn, contribute to a healthy democracy and the emergence of a European public sphere. At its core, it requires innovation for the media sector, which Fondation EURACTIV aims to contribute to by thinking what a strong EU media strategy should look like.


Our activities

Fondation Euractiv activities

Fondation Euractiv activities

A think-tank is a policy unit researching and promoting innovative policy solutions. A think-and-do tank is by nature less academic as it also includes activities seeking to prototype its analyses and recommendations, and act directly on the policy environment through concrete interventions.

As such, we:

  • Provide analysis and facilitate a dialogue between media professionals and EU stakeholders, promoting debates and the sharing of best practices, through conferences, training programmes and interactive workshops.
  • Implement projects fostering media sector’s innovation and skills.
  • Communicate relevant news on Europe’s media via a monthly newsletter.


Our values

We are guided by the following 5 principles:

Fondation values

Our team

Stephen Boucher, Managing Director (
Christophe Leclercq, Chairman (
Nathalie Bargues, Communications Executive (
Sharon Candela, Projects Assistant (
Thierry Leroy, Treasurer (
Julian Oliver, Board Member (

Fondation EURACTIV works when relevant with and draws upon the experience of the EURACTIV media network, present in 13 countries and publishing in 13 languages. We share the same origins, values and work in the same offices.

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Our ongoing projects

  • Stars4Media
    #Media4EU led to the Stars4Media pilot project (see brochure). This is an exchange programme for young media professionals, aiming at building key skills for the participants, boosting innovation initiatives, and developing sustainable business models (see list of moral supports). Find out more about it here.


  • Europe’s Media Lab is a series of events designed to enrich the 

    Europe's media lab.

    conversation on the sector’s needs at EU level from different angles and with different audiences: foundations, francophone media, European Parliament, etc. This will culminate in an event in the European Parliament in June 2019 bringing these needs to the attention of the new MEPs. It will be a one-day space for bridging MEPs and media stakeholders, around a “market of ideas” and a “Policy Hackathon” to produce a roadmap for the media sector around a subset of key issues.


  • In 2017, through the #Media4EU research project, we interviewed more than 30 media experts from six countries about the parallel between the crises facing the sector and those facing Europe itself, as well as ways to foster better cooperation. (see EURACTIV Special Report #Media4EU: Can innovation beat the crises facing the EU and media?). #Media4Eu is a cooperation project between Fondation EURACTIV and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Institut d’Études Européennes). Several issues feed discussion at European level: fake news and populism, shrinking business models, and the review of the Digital Single Market. Solutions could include a European strategy for the media sector, dealing with the Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (GAFA) challenge, cooperation across borders, and skill-building programmes for media professionals.


A few key past projects

  • EU Journalism Fellowship: Between 2011 and 2013, 38 young journalists working in a dozen different European media received a one-week induction seminar and a five-week on-the-job training on EU reporting for three different media in Brussels (EURACTIV, DPA Agency, Radio France). This project has been implemented thanks to the generous support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung (2011-2013), Open Society Foundation (2012) and Fondation Hippocrène (2013).
  • Together with OIF: development of French-language coverage around Europe
  • Together with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, boosting Europe coverage of development policy in three languages, alongside Gates’ cooperation with Le Monde, El País, the Guardian and EJC/Der Spiegel.


Our governance: trusted media and policy experts

Fondation EURACTIV is guided by an Orientation Committee and an Advisory Council composed of some 50 experts, and by a smaller board of ten members, the majority of which are non-executive directors who are otherwise unrelated to EURACTIV the media.


Our funding: diversified

Fondation EURACTIV has two main sources of income:

  1. Funds awarded by grant-making organisations, for instance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), and the Robert Bosch Foundation. In addition, we have received public grants from the EU institutions for communication and demonstration projects, for instance “EU Community” (EurActory & PolicyLine), Open Discovery Space, Citadel… on the Move and STYLE.
  2. Payments (for services provided) by media organisations, notably members of the EURACTIV Network and

The main costs include salaries and associated charges, rent, depreciation and utility charges, communications and other routine office administration expenses. The complete annual accounts of Fondation EURACTIV are filed with the Belgian Central Bank, as required under Fondation EURACTIV statutes (2016 Annual Accounts: summary since 2009).

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