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EU Elections 2014 18-07-2014

Greens attack ‘golden hello’ for interim commissioners

Newly-elected interim commissioners will take office for just three months. They were elected in haste, and transfer allowances, to bring them to Brussels, will cost the EU €160,000. EURACTIV France reports.
EU parliament
EU Elections 2014 17-07-2014

French Socialists expose frailty of EU Parliament coalition

Only a minority of French MEPs voted in favour of Jean-Claude Juncker becoming President of the EU Commission. The EPP, S&D and ALDE coalition is already showing cracks. EURACTIV France reports.
Pierre Moscovici.
Future EU 19-06-2014

Moscovici: ‘clusterisation’ is crucial for next Commission

France’s leading candidate for the European Commission, Pierre Moscovici, is certain that Jean-Claude Juncker will be made president. He wants a Commission organised in "clusters" and that includes the Eurogroup President. EURACTIV France reports.
French Socialist PArty
EU Elections 2014 06-06-2014

French Socialists want to intensify left-right divide in EU Parliament

The French Socialist delegation to the EU calls for talks with the European left. It wants to bring the left back onto the main stage by ensuring a deep political divide between it and the right. EURACTIV France reports.
Nicolas Bay [G. Bouchet/Front National. 2012].
EU Elections 2014 27-05-2014

Bad start for National Front MEPs

The National Front’s delegation will be the largest French group in the new European Parliament. Integrating the far-right party into the new assembly could prove to be delicate exercise. reports.
Cart electoral

Panic in France: missing campaign literature

EXCLUSIVE / The French company assigned to distribute election literature for the European elections has been “overwhelmed”, leading to delays and the wrong programmes for the National Front. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 21-05-2014

Green Party promises to fight tax evasion in Europe

 In an effort to highlight tax evasion in Europe, the French Green Party is organising a guided tour of tax evasion hotspots in Paris (May 20). The Green Party criticises the Financial Transaction Tax, advocates for greater financial transparency, and claims Pierre Moscovici would make a bad commissioner. EURACTIV France reports.
Louis de Gouyon Matignon
EU Elections 2014 21-05-2014

Profile: Louis de Gouyon Matignon, the ‘Maastricht Generation’ in EU politics

Louis de Gouyon Matignon is a young French candidate in the EU elections and a self-proclaimed advocate of Roma and Traveller rights. He is profiled in the third part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.
Marine LE Pen
EU Elections 2014 19-05-2014

Le Pen eyes VP role in new far-right EU Parliament group

The Far-right National Front, which leads EU election polls in France and could send 16 MEPs to the European Parliament, is eyeing a vice-president role in the EU assembly. EURACTIV France reports.
France televisions
EU Elections 2014 16-05-2014

Left-wing and small parties shunned by French TV on eve of EU elections

The French audiovisual authority CSA has raised the alarm over the amount of speaking time allocated to EU election candidates on national television and other media. The vote is in ten days, but small parties, the Greens and the far-left have been underrepresented, it argues. EURACTIV France reports.
Licia Ronzulli

EU foot-dragging on women’s rights

Women are more represented in the European Parliament than in most national parliaments, but feminists call for radical measures, and criticise EU austerity policies which have hurt women more than men. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 08-05-2014

Profile: Patrick Le Hyaric, newspaper chief and MEP

Patrick Le Hyaric, candidate for the Left Front, combines his parliamentary work with running a newspaper. The first in a series of portraits of French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.
EU parliament
EU Elections 2014 05-05-2014

French more interested in Europe than five years ago

Despite 60% of French people saying they are interested in European affairs, and 59% rejecting the idea of leaving the Eurozone, French polls expect record high abstention for the European elections. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 29-04-2014

UMP struggles to present united front on Europe

France's centre-right UMP presented its platform, along with several candidates, for the European elections last week. But the leading opposition faction is divided, as debate on Europe rages within the party, and its programme refers to an exit of the Schengen area. EURACTIV France reports.

European unemployment insurance gains ground

The idea of an EU unemployment insurance has resurfaced during the European elections. Experts argue that it could reduce the effects of the economic crisis and bolster Union social policies. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 23-04-2014

National Front ‘not worried’ about finding anti-EU allies in Parliament

Marine Le Pen is not worried about forming a political group in the European Parliament after the EU elections, saying she expects to find unexpected allies also on the far-left, with whom she shares a common aversion for Europe. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 24-03-2014

Climate change talks fail to live up to French hopes

The result of last week's EU summit talks on climate change was disappointing for France, which had hoped for a clear policy outline before next year's UN climate summit in Paris. François Hollande says that will be the last chance for an international agreement to curb global warming. EURACTIV France reports.