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Euro & Finance 01-09-2014

Moscovici to be confirmed as Economic Affairs Commissioner

A source has confirmed that the position of Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs will return to France, following a report that appeared in Der Spiegel.
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EU Elections 2014 23-07-2014

France struggles to present EU Commission candidate

The French government still has not chosen its official candidate to become Commissioner. The UMP is questioning Pierre Moscovici’s credibility in the eyes of the European Parliament, while the left wants a female commissioner for political parity. EURACTIV France reports.

French power sector disputes EU-wide energy savings goal

The French Union for Electricity (UFE), an industry trade group, sharply criticised the government's energy transition bill, calling on EU-wide targets for 2030 to be adjusted on a country-by-country basis. EURACTIV France reports.
European vote
EU Elections 2014 01-07-2014

Secret ballot and backroom deals to elect next EU Parliament chief

The President of the European Parliament will be elected by secret ballot today, 1 July. Martin Schulz is the favourite to beat the three other candidates, having already secured a coalition of 479 MEPs. EURACTIV France reports.
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Qualms over France’s move to ban plastic bags

The French government wants to ban single-use plastic bags by 2016, years ahead of a European directive. But replacing them with biodegradable packaging makes it equally problematic, EURACTIV France reports.
Francois hollande
Energy 25-06-2014

Hollande’s ambitious ‘New Deal’ for Europe

French President François Hollande proposed a Keynesian-style investment plan for Europe, which includes investments of €1.2 trillion to renew economic growth. EURACTIV France reports.
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Euro & Finance 24-06-2014

Socialist leaders in concerted push to relax EU budgetary constraints

France wants to exclude its reform agenda, the so-called 'Responsibility Pact', from public deficit calculations as part of a wider socialist push to reduce budgetary constraints at European level. EURACTIV France reports.
Michel Barnier
Euro & Finance 12-06-2014

Michel Barnier defends his track record as Commissioner, backs Juncker

Michel Barnier stood in front of the French Senate to defend reforms of the financial system that were taken under his watch. He also reaffirmed his support for Jean-Claude Juncker as the next President of the EU Commission. EURACTIV France reports.

Circular economy: going further with less

SPECIAL REPORT / Transforming waste into resources and reducing the environmental impact of economic growth are priorities for Europe. An EU package on circular economy has been long-awaited.
Public Affairs 27-05-2014

French politicians criticise media for lack of information about the EU

French MEPs are reflecting on how EU affairs and information have been treated by the French media during the campaign, especially on TV, EURACTIV France reports.