Aline Robert for in Paris - article translated from the French

Euro & Finance 09-04-2014

Manuel Valls not concerned about Europe

The new French Prime Minister won a vote of confidence in the country’s national assembly following a speech that barely mentioned Europe. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 08-04-2014

French centrists gear up for European elections

French centrists opened their campaign, by proclaiming their allegiance to Europe. This is a risky venture, as euroscepticism is on the rise. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 07-04-2014

New French cabinet focuses on TTIP

The French department of foreign trade has moved from the ministry of finance to the ministry of foreign affairs, and with it, TTIP negotiations. The left is alarmed. EURACTIV France reports.
Euro & Finance 07-04-2014

Schulz and Juncker at loggerheads over France

Jean-Claude Juncker describes Martin Schulz’s lax attitude to France’s public debt as a “serious political error”. EURACTIV France reports.

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