Aline Robert

A panel at this year's Green Week event in Brussels [Photo: Aline Robert]

EU seeks common framework for Circular Economy

SPECIAL REPORT / Changing business models and throw-away habits may take time. The European Commission wants to speed up the process with binding targets for recycling and public procurement in a Circular Economy package expected in July.
EU Elections 2014 31-03-2014

Spring cleaning in French politics

Both the results of the French local elections, and the planned ministerial cabinet reshuffle, promise a busy April for French politics. The UMP will announce their candidates for the European elections, and the campaign will likely begin next week. EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 21-03-2014

Moscow pork embargo causes havoc in Brussels

The European Commission has ordered EU member states to stop holding bilaterals with Russia over the pork trade and has threatened to complain to the World Trade Organization, claiming that a Russian embargo on European pork is unwarranted. EURACTIV France reports.
Climate change 04-11-2013

France spells out ambitions for 2015 climate conference in Paris

The French ambassador for climate negotiations at the UN has issued a rallying call for both the public and private to work towards climate abatement ahead of the 2015 global climate conference in Paris, with success largely depending on the EU's support.
Euro & Finance 04-09-2013

Barnier backs more ambitious pensions reform in France, green tax

In an interview with, the EU's internal market commissioner expresses his desire for an even more ambitious pension reform than the one presented by Paris last week and for an "energy-climate" charge that does not raise citizens' tax burden.
Elections 27-08-2013

French socialists test blocking far-right ahead of EU elections

Around 5,000 French socialists gathered last week-end in La Rochelle for a self-motivating work "summer camp” to grind their teeth over controversial debates that will enliven next year's elections campaigns, not least devising a strategy against the far-right.
Climate change 04-07-2013

Parliament takes first step to fix carbon market

The European Parliament backed a plan on Wednesday (3 July) to support carbon prices by withdrawing part of the emission permits traded on the EU's carbon market. Prices jumped up after the vote but remained low as national parliaments still have to ratify the proposal.