Ana-Maria Tolbaru

Metal, steel industries warn EU efficiency laws could force them out of Europe

SPECIAL REPORT / Steelmakers and other metals industries fear that limits the EU is considering imposing on the amount of natural resources they use will push them out of Europe, where environmental regulations are less stringent.
Circular economy 13-11-2012

Debate rages over how to measure resource efficiency

SPECIAL REPORT / Industrial and environmental groups are lining up to pressure the European Commission on how best to measure resource efficiency. Businesses have warned that a one-size-fits-all approach will hamper economic growth at a time when Europe strives to emerge from its sovereign debt crisis.

Brussels strives to keep resource-efficiency ‘on the radar’

SPECIAL REPORT / Faced with strong political headwinds against new environmental legislation in the current economic crisis, the European Commission is multiplying initiatives to keep resource-efficiency on the political radar.
Brexit 24-10-2012

‘Lowest energy tariffs’ do not necessarily mean lower bills, experts warn

UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced that he would pass a law forcing energy companies to offer their customers the lowest tariffs available, but this will not necessarily translate into cheaper energy bills, EU energy experts warn.
Energy 23-10-2012

Energy savings hampered worldwide by regulatory laissez-faire: Economist study

Failure to enforce existing regulation is the main obstacle preventing the energy-efficiency services market from picking up across the globe - including in the European Union, India, China and the United States - says a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit.
Regional Policy 17-10-2012

MEPs question EU’s energy strategy in the Balkans

MEPs and local NGOs worry that that the European Commission is bypassing civil society and environmental rules as it devises an energy strategy for the Western Balkan region.
Regional Policy 11-10-2012

Cohesion policy makes baby steps towards simplification

While EU officials in Brussels boast about the proposed simplification of the bloc's cohesion policy, regional representatives contend that managing EU funds is still very complicated in practice.
Energy 05-10-2012

EU takes final step in adopting Energy Efficiency Directive

EU ministers yesterday (4 October) placed the last piece of the 20-20-20 climate puzzle, agreed in 2007, by throwing their weight behind the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive.
Energy 03-10-2012

Ireland will miss EU energy efficiency targets, study says

Ireland will have to double its efforts in making dwellings more energy-efficient or it will have to pay fines to the European Commission for not complying with the EU's newly adopted Energy Efficiency Directive, a new study shows.
Energy 02-10-2012

Replacing laptops harms the environment, study shows

Upgrading old laptops is more energy-efficient than purchasing newer, 'greener' models, German scientists said on Monday (1 October).
Transport 20-09-2012

IEA: Transport fuel use could be halved by 2030

Fuel consumption could be halved in 20 years' time if the right policies are put in place, despite an expected doubling in the number of cars in circulation worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency.
Energy 19-09-2012

Oettinger feels the heat on boiler labelling rules

The meaningful energy labelling of household heating boilers is being gutted behind the scenes, green campaigners have warned, saying this could undermine the EU's 2020 target to cut energy consumption by 20%.
Energy 18-09-2012

EU ‘considering’ 2013 benchmark report on smart meters

The European Commission is likely to draw a benchmark report on the costs and benefits of smart meters by mid-2013 and urge member states to inform it as soon as possible of their assessments and roll-out plans.
Energy 12-09-2012

Parliament gives final green light to energy efficiency directive

The EU tightened the energy efficiency thumbscrew by one notch yesterday (11 September), when the European Parliament plenary threw its weight behind the new Energy Efficiency Directive, negotiated before the summer break with EU member states.
Brexit 11-09-2012

British minister ready for fight over ‘green’ VAT

The British government has no intention of raising VAT on energy efficiency products from 5% to 20%, bypassing a ruling of the European Commission that urged London to bring its legislation into line or be sued in the EU Court of Justice. Some MEPs are joining the UK in its cause, calling the Commission's ruling "complete nonsense".
Energy 07-09-2012

US bets on cogeneration as Europe lags behind

President Barack Obama's recent decision to set binding targets for the proliferation of cogeneration plants by 2020 is casting a doubt on the level of ambition of the EU's green agenda.
Brexit 24-08-2012

Consumers unaware of smart meters ahead of EU-wide roll-out

A study commissioned by the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change recently revealed that over half the population is unaware of the existence of smart meters.
Energy 23-08-2012

Industry warns of ‘fragmented’ Europe on energy efficiency

As the European Commission awaits member states’ national implementation plans on the recently agreed Energy Efficiency Directive, industry players warn about the importance of creating consistent and uniform standards across Europe.
Energy 25-07-2012

Double-counting fears hang over EU’s energy efficiency law

Experts warn about double-counting in annual energy savings as EU member states prepare their plans for the implementation of the newly agreed Energy Efficiency Directive.
Brexit 23-07-2012

UK’s top energy efficiency ranking thrown into doubt

A ranking of the UK as the world's most energy-efficient country by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) was “over-generous”and contradicted official EU statistics, Brussels experts have told EURACTIV.
Regional Policy 20-07-2012

‘Green’ EU budget to pump more money into brownfields

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU's new regional funds for 2014-2020 will see more money allocated to the regeneration of brownfield sites, helping old industrial areas generate new economic activity.
Energy 18-07-2012

Lobbyists brace for new battle over EU energy efficiency

The lobbying battle on the Energy Efficiency Directive between member states, power utilities, consumers and green groups will intensify in the coming months, as countries will try to fashion ways of transposing new rules into their national legislation.
Regional Policy 13-07-2012

EU kicks off negotiations over regional funding budget

EU institutions officially launched negotiations yesterday (12 July) on the amount of regional funding that will come under the bloc's next seven-year budget (2014-2020). Tough debates lie ahead, including whether to subsidise oil and gas distribution networks.
Regional Policy 11-07-2012

Parliament to vote on ‘new era’ regional funds

The European Parliament's regional committee is holding a vote today (11 July) on legislation that some MEPs say will bring cohesion funds into “a new era” and jump-start negotiations with member states over the EU's next budget for 2014-2020.