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Euro & Finance 31-07-2014

End in sight for Single Euro Payment Area

After a six month extension period, eurozone countries are now forging ahead with the switchover to the new Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA). EURACTIV France reports.
Parlement belge [Ben2/ creative commons]
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

Key EU portfolio slipping out of Belgium’s hands

Delays in forming a government may come at a price for Belgium's EU Commission post in Brussels, according to the country's outgoing Prime Minister. EURACTIV France reports.
Bert De Wever
EU Elections 2014 13-06-2014

Bart De Wever will struggle to form a Belgian government

King Philippe of Belgium has given the Flemish separatist, Bart De Wever, more time to set up a federal government. Local coalitions are well under way, but common ground at a federal level will be difficult to find. EURACTIV France reports.