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Nuclear remains linchpin of French energy transition

Nuclear energy will gradually decrease but will remain at the centre of France’s energy transition for 2030 and 2050, which was presented on Wednesday (30 July). EURACTIV France reports.
EU Priorities 2020 29-07-2014

Juncker’s call for female commissioners falls on deaf ears

EU member states have until 31 July to present their nominations for commissioner in the next European Commission. Just days before the deadline, it seems that Juncker’s call for more female candidates has fallen on deaf ears. EURACTIV France gives an overview of the issue of gender balance and political parity between men and women in the executive.
Competition 24-07-2014

Ryanair ordered to repay €10m in French state aid

Two low-cost airlines must repay almost €10 million of French state aid, after the EU Commission decided that it gave them an unfair competitive advantage. EURACTIV France reports.
Court of justice EU

European Court: Male civil servants discriminated against in France

The European Court of Justice has pointed the finger at unequal retirement plans between men and women in the French civil service. EURACTIV France reports.

Low Irish taxes boost Airbnb profits

The peer-to-peer property renting website, artAirbnb, makes it possible for people in crisis-stricken states to earn extra money, but the company itself has placed its headquarters in places like Ireland, Jersey and Delaware to avoid paying tax. EURACTIV France reports.
laszlo Andor

Parliament aims to reinvigorate European Youth Initiative

Unemployment rates in Europe have not fallen, despite the European Youth Initiative coming into force in January 2014. MEPs have raised the alarm, and called for greater financial resources. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 17-07-2014

EU launches first-ever development fund for CAR

The European Commission has announced a fund to link relief, rehabilitation and development in the Central African Republic, an initiative which will be financed by France, Germany, the Netherlands and private donors. EURACTIV France reports.
Assemblé Nationale
Trade & Society 10-07-2014

EU competition policy under attack in new French report

French parliamentarians have renewed their attack against the European Commission's competition policy, asking EU antitrust officials to take an internship “in companies that have been devastated by their decisions". EURACTIV France reports.
Green Climate Fund
Development Policy 10-07-2014

EU snubs Green Climate Fund, France pledges to contribute

The Green Climate Fund will be launched later this year, but India, China and, perhaps more surprisingly, the European Commission, will not contribute to its capitalisation. France promised to contribute, and called on its partners to do the same. EURACTIV France reports.
EP president vote
EU Elections 2014 03-07-2014

France settles for EU Parliament’s leftover jobs

France only managed to secure two committee chairs, compared to four during the last legislature. France's biggest delegation, the National Front, did not take part in the bargaining process because they failed to form a parliamentary group, whilst the Tories' Conservative group increases its bargaining position. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

Eurosceptics make controversial return to EU Parliament

The new European Parliament was in session for the first time on Tuesday, 1 July. There was a record number of Eurosceptic MEPs, making a controversial return after their victory in May’s EU elections. EURACTIV France reports from Strasbourg.
Alain Lamassoure
EU Elections 2014 02-07-2014

French opposition eyes EU Parliament Presidency in 2017

MEP Alain Lamassoure has been appointed to lead France's centre-right UMP delegation to the European Parliament in Strasbourg this week and could use this position as a springboard to succeed Martin Schulz as President of the EU Assembly in 2017. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 30-06-2014

Another setback for French foreign aid

France decreased public development aid for the second time in 2014. A law on development adopted on 23 June has not helped, and the future of French foreign aid looks bleak. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 26-06-2014

Paris and Brussels debate yoghurt and margarine

On the eve of the European Council (27 June), yet another dispute has emerged between the EU and France. The French national food safety agency found nothing to prove that food containing high levels of phytosterol prevents heart disease, which contradicts European food safety regulation. EURACTIV France reports.
Paris Bourse
Euro & Finance 19-06-2014

France endeavours to revive Paris stock exchange

Finance minister Michel Sapin has launched a new committee aimed at reviving the Paris stock exchange whose competitiveness is increasingly undermined by European rivals. EURACTIV France reports.
Protected Geographical Indication
Digital & Media 18-06-2014

French concerns over geographical indications will hamper TTIP talks

Wine is a casus belli for the French government, who may block transatlantic negotiations if geographical indications are not protected. EURACTIV France reports.
French EU flags
EU Elections 2014 16-06-2014

Germany capitalises on French loss of influence in Parliament

France lost two top jobs in the European parliament when Joseph Daul and Daniel Cohn-Bendit chose to end their European careers. France's loss means more influence for other EU member states, notably Germany, EURACTIV France reports.
Agrifood 13-06-2014

France wins greater control over GMOs, but comes under fire from Greens

EU member states have finally agreed on a European law for the authorisation process of GMOs. This decision, which has been in the pipeline for years, has come under fire from French ecologists. EURACTIV France reports.
Marine Le Pen, Leader of the French National Front
EU Elections 2014 12-06-2014

Difficult home stretch for National Front’s parliamentary group

Despite tensions caused by Jean-Marie Le Pen's most recent anti-Semitic outburst, the National Front is picking up the tempo on talks to form a political group in the European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 10-06-2014

Commission rejects call to respect right to life in development aid

A European Citizen's Initiative (ECI) has called on the EU to stop funding abortion in developing countries. The European Commission has dismissed it outright. EURACTIV France reports.
Matteo Renzi
Languages & Culture 10-06-2014

Italian Presidency website will not be in French or German

The Italian Presidency of the European Union's official website will only publish in English and Italian, meaning it will not be translated into French or German for the first time since 2007, EURACTIV France reports.