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French Senat
Development Policy 10-06-2014

French overseas aid reshuffled after budget cuts

The new French legislation on development aid policy aims to create a unique structure to oversee the country's international technical expertise. Budget cuts mean government will shift emphasis to “coherence and efficiency,” EURACTIV France reports.
youth unemplyment

Brussels cast doubts on French Youth Initiative

Funding from the EU's Youth Employment Initiative in France was given the green light, but the European Commission has not let up on its criticism of the French version of the scheme. EURACTIV France reports.
Jean François Copé
EU Elections 2014 22-05-2014

UMP demand more selective Schengen II

On the eve of the EU elections, France’s main opposition party, the UMP, lashed out at the Schengen agreement. Nicolas Sarkozy resurfaced and echoed this sentiment in an opinion piece published by the French weekly Le Point.  EURACTIV France reports.
Arnaud Danjean © Parlement européen
EU Elections 2014 14-05-2014

Arnaud Danjean: MEP and Balkans expert

Former military man Arnaud Danjean is the centre-right UMP candidate for the French East constituency. He is profiled in the third part of a series looking at French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.
syria conflict
Development Policy 12-05-2014

Fact-checking: French development aid dropped in 2013

French development aid decreased by almost 10% in 2013, according to the OECD, a surprising drop which runs contrary to governmental declarations, EURACTIV France reports.
karima delli fought the law and won
EU Elections 2014 09-05-2014

Profile: Karima Delli, Activist and MEP

MEP for the French Green party since 2009, Karima Delli is "Miss Social Housing" in the European Parliament. She is profiled in the second part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EURACTIV France.
sugar cane cutter
Competition 09-05-2014

France concerned about liberalisation of EU sugar market

The deregulation of the European sugar market is looming. A French parliamentary report has requested support to French overseas departments where the sugar sector is fragile. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 09-05-2014

Hike in French candidates for European elections

The French Interior Ministry has released information on all candidates for the European elections, May 25. There are 193 lists competing for 74 French seats in the European Parliament. EURACTIV France reports.
EU Elections 2014 06-05-2014

Hollande and Merkel to discuss future EU Commission President

The two heads of state will meet on 9-10 May in Stralsund, Germany, for an informal discussion on the future President of the European Commission. EURACTIV France reports.
Former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and European Parliament President Martin Schulz. December 2012 [The Council of the European Union]
Technology 06-05-2014

French government wants European debate on TV

Faced with the rising discontent regarding the lack of media coverage for the EU Commission presidency debates, the French Minister of Culture has sent demands to the French Audio-visual Council. EURACTIV France reports.
Sindh province, Pakistan.
Development Policy 29-04-2014

EU increases transparency of development aid

The EU has launched a new website aimed at improving the transparency of development aid, an effort deemed commendable, but poorly executed. EURACTIV France reports.