Cécile Barbière

EU Priorities 2020 04-04-2014

New French cabinet shelves European affairs

The appointment of Arnaud Montebourg, and disputes over public debt, will complicate relations with Brussels. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 02-04-2014

EU help planned for Central African Republic

After several weeks delay, the European Council has finally unveiled plans to launch the EUFOR mission to the Central African Republic (CAR). 1000 troops would be deployed, in support of French and African forces already on the ground. EURACTIV France reports.
Development Policy 19-03-2014

France frustrated by Europe’s shortcomings in Central African Republic

During a foreign affairs council in Brussels, EU member states tried in vain to revitalise the planned EUFOR mission to the Central African Republic. France’s beckoning goes unheeded as it continues to play a critical role in the country. EURACTIV France reports.
Future EU 21-11-2013

MEPs demand autonomy in deciding Parliament seat

A majority of MEPs voted on Wednesday (20 November) for a resolution aimed at giving the European Parliament the power to change the EU treaty to decide when and where they meet, in Brussels or Strasbourg, a vote that irritates France.
Health 30-10-2013

French tobacconists’ e-cigarettes debate reaches EU level

Tobacconists have claimed exclusivity over the sale of e-cigarettes in France, which are currently sold in all shops. The tobacco directive remains silent over the sensitive issue.