Claire Davenport

Euro & Finance 09-11-2011

Parliament may shield pensioners from FTT

The European Parliament may exempt pension funds from a draft proposal to tax a wide variety of financial transactions, the head of the legislature’s committee for financial regulation said yesterday (8 November).
Digital & Media 07-11-2011

Study says cloud computing can slash carbon emissions

Blue-chip companies could reduce their carbon emissions by 50% if they migrate their data storage operations to the cloud, a new study says. 
Euro & Finance 27-10-2011

EU cuts back-room deal on Greek debt write-down

EU leaders and bank officials struck a last-minute agreement early today (27 October) to write off 50% of Greek debt from their books, in a back-room deal that will see weaker banks receive aid from the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).
Euro & Finance 26-10-2011

Deal on EU rescue fund in limbo as ministers walk home

A finance ministers' meeting scheduled in preparation for a euro zone summit today (26 October) was cancelled at the last minute over lack of progress in negotiations to expand the EU's rescue fund for the bloc's mounting debt problem. A definitive agreement might still take days to finalise, diplomats suggested. EU SUMMIT LIVE!
Brexit 21-10-2011

Financial regulation plays catch up with crisis

The European Commission has proposed extending the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) to redress market abuse and volatile trades highlighted by the financial crisis. Experts warn that arbitrage is always around the corner.
Health 12-10-2011

Sales law ‘answer to the crisis’: Reding

A new law on cross-border sales, due to be unveiled today (12 October), can help dig the EU out of the economic crisis, according to the Commissioner who will present it. Meanwhile business groups ralliy against the proposal, claiming it will hinder, not help small companies. 
Brexit 06-10-2011

New EU sales law to boost eCommerce

If retailers had just one set of contract laws across the bloc, eCommerce would take off exponentially, the European Commission will argue in an upcoming proposal next week. But disgruntled businesses are gearing up against the draft regulation. 
Euro & Finance 06-09-2011

Barroso tries to twist arms on financial tax

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has gone on a global trek to convince opponents of a tax on financial transactions to reconsider their stance. Australia, New Zealand and Singapore are his first stops this week.