Craig Willy

Competition 16-03-2012

MEPs hold firm on lower roaming charges

Members of the European Parliament pledge to stick to the lower range of their proposed price caps for roaming charges. A recent report by national regulators found that providers’ costs for these services are likely to remain below the higher caps originally suggested by the Commission and backed by many member states.
Euro & Finance 09-03-2012

Economists say euro crisis may not be over

A top EU economist has warned that consumption is unsustainable in parts of the eurozone and that many countries would not recover economically for "many years" - an assessment backed other experts who call for reforms at European and national levels.
Climate change 03-11-2011

EU threatens to take France to court over algae

The European Commission has asked France to address the uncontrolled expansion of green algae on its coasts, threatening to take the country before the European Court of Justice if the response is deemed insufficient in the next months.