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EU Elections 2014 03-09-2014

Poland makes u-turn, sends female Commissioner nominee

Poland has confirmed on Wednesday (3 September) Deputy Prime Minister El?bieta Bie?kowska is the country's new commissioner nominee. Meanwhile, the Romanian government is likewise considering putting forward a second nominee.
Elections 03-09-2014

UK government: Independent Scotland can’t both rejoin the EU and keep the pound

An independent Scotland could not rejoin the EU if it used the pound informally, a senior British minister will say on Tuesday (9 September), according to a former top EU official. Scotland's historic independence referendum is less than three weeks away.
Elections 28-08-2014

Business leaders urge Scots to vote ‘no’ in independence referendum

More than 130 business leaders on Wednesday (27 August) spoke out against Scottish independence, saying the economic risks of secession days after the campaign to end the union was boosted by a strong performance in a TV debate.
Euro & Finance 28-08-2014

Commission tells France to urgently speed up reforms

The European Commission on Wednesday (27 August) said France's new government must urgently speed up its reform plan, aimed at helping the economy by cutting business taxes at the same time as trimming public spending to bring the deficit to within EU limits.
Global Europe 26-08-2014

Hungary’s Orbán wants warmer EU-Russia ties to boost business

Victor Orbán, who stated that Europe has "shot itself in foot" by imposing sanctions on Russia, told diplomats on Monday (25 August) that he would seek support from other EU countries to improve relations with Moscow.
Karel De Gucht

Poland wants EU to complain to WTO over Russian embargo

Poland has asked the European Commission to send a formal complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) over the Russian ban on imported EU food products that has hit Poland particularly hard, the Polish Economy Ministry said on Tuesday (19 August).
Consumer shelves
Agrifood 19-08-2014

Russia’s sanctions threaten both EU farmers and policymakers

Russia's food import ban has become a big problem for Europe's farmers, and its central bank policymakers. From Polish apples to French pork and Greek peaches, exporters to Russia may either have to slash prices, or destroy their own produce.
Euro & Finance 19-08-2014

Eurozone trade surplus rises in June

The eurozone's trade surplus grew more than expected in June from June a year ago, data showed on Monday (18 August). However, the improved surplus does not yet reflect the full effect of sanctions and counter-sanctions imposed by the European Union and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.
Robert Fico (right) Photo Slovak government
Agrifood 14-08-2014

Slovakia grumbles as EU begins crisis Russia food ban talks

The Slovakian prime minister, Robert Fico, criticised EU sanctions against Russia as a ‘meaningless’ gesture that would hit growth prospects, as officials from the bloc’s 28 states began emergency talks on Russia's ban on Western food imports today (14 August) .
Europe's East 11-08-2014

EU tries to limit damage from Russian food embargo

EU regulators yesterday (11 August) began a product-by-product impact analysis of a Russian ban on EU food imports announced in retaliation for Western sanctions over Moscow's actions in Ukraine.
Energy 23-07-2014

Europe’s wind capacity to grow more slowly than expected to 2020

Europe's installed wind capacity will increase at a slower rate to the end of the decade than previously estimated, due to regulatory uncertainty and weak economic growth, an industry association said on Wednesday (23 July).
Iphone. [Pixabay].
Technology 18-07-2014

EU: Apple should do more to tackle in-app purchases problem

Apple has provided no concrete and immediate solutions to tackle the problem of adults and children racking up credit card bills by making "in-app" purchases on tablets and mobile phones, the European Commission said on Friday (18 July).
Karel De Gucht, the EU trade commissioner. [European Commission]
Trade & Society 18-07-2014

EU agrees on trade deal with Ecuador

The European Union completed negotiations on Thursday (17 July) on a trade deal with the Ecuador that will eliminate tariffs for most of its exports to its top trading partner, the Andean nation's trade minister said.
Jean-Claude Juncker [European People's Party/Flickr]

Juncker calls for minimum wage in all EU countries

European Commission President-designate Jean-Claude Juncker said on Tuesday (15 July) that he would work towards the introduction of a minimum social wage in each member state of the EU.
Snus. [Alekos/Creative Commons].
Health 11-07-2014

Denmark sued for not outlawing snus powder tobacco

The European Commission took Denmark to court on Thursday (10 July) for allowing the sale of snus, despite a European Union sales ban on the moist oral snuff.
Jyrki Katainen [L] and Alexander Stubb. Photo Yle
EU Elections 2014 10-07-2014

Finland nominates Katainen as EU commissioner

Finland will officially nominate Jyrki Katainen, who stepped down as prime minister last month to seek a high-level European post, to become EU commissioner on Thursday (10 July), the new prime minister Alexander Stubb said.
Swiss-Italy border. [Warrenski/Flickr].

EU immigration into Switzerland hit record high before voter backlash

More immigrants from the European Union entered Switzerland than ever before in 2013, the year before Swiss voters put their country at odds with Brussels by backing a cap on immigration from the bloc.
Health 09-07-2014

EU fines pharma companies for drug-delay deals

European Union antitrust regulators on Wednesday (9 July) fined French drugmaker Servier, Israel's Teva and four others a total of €428 million, as part of a crackdown on deals which block cheaper generic medicine.

EU rules force luxury perfumes remix

European perfume makers are turning to preserve the scent of their fragrances in the face of new EU anti-allergy restrictions by using 'obscure' ingredients such as seaweed.
Agrifood 02-07-2014

Latvia may declare emergency over swine fever

Latvia may declare a state of emergency in the eastern part of the country, near its border with Belarus and Russia, to fight an outbreak of African swine fever in wild boars and farm pigs.
EU Elections 2014 03-06-2014

Merkel eyes IMF’s Lagarde for EU Commission President

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked France whether it would be willing to put forward International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde as president of the European Commission, two French sources briefed on the exchanges said.

Survey: single European patent winning over companies

Europe's new one-stop patent system is winning over companies despite initial criticism from lawyers and some multinationals of the scheme, which is expected to come into effect in 2016, according to a survey released on Monday (2 June).
Euro & Finance 03-06-2014

Banking sector’s contribution to growth ‘nil or negative’, EU advisors say

Europe's banking sector is bloated and takes at least as much out of the economy as it adds, academic advisers to Europe's early warning financial risk body said in a report published on Monday.
Business Leaders breakfast hosted by Tony Blair and Marc Holtzman- Davos, 22 January 2014 [Photo: Paul Kagame's Flickr photo stream] ]
Brexit 03-06-2014

Blair gives Cameron advice on Europe, denies interest in EU job

Tony Blair on Monday (2 June) offered British Prime Minister David Cameron indirect advice on renegotiating Britain's ties with the European Union, but ruled himself out as a candidate to become the next European Council president.