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Chairman of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, Romani Rose, speaks at an event hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin. 2011 [Rosa Luxemburg-Stiftung/Flickr]

Sinti and Roma inspire ‘hostility’ in German population, study reveals

A recent study shows that one in three Germans rejects Sinti and Roma as neighbours, revealing “deeply rooted stereotypes". EURACTIV Germany reports.
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso hold a joint press conference at the Western Balkans Conference in Berlin on Thursday (28 August). [EC]
Enlargement 29-08-2014

Merkel seeks to strengthen EU ties to Western Balkans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans on working closely with Western Balkan countries to bring them closer to the EU, a process she initiated by hosting a high profile Western Balkan Conference in Berlin on Thursday (28 August). EURACTIV Germany reports.
The Christian Social Union "may have been mistaken" about the extra social burden caused by poverty migration, says MEP Birgit Sippel. []

German government introduces new measures tackling ‘poverty migration’

The German government tabled a final report on Wednesday (27 August) addressing "legal issues and challenges” related to social benefits claims by EU immigrants, with Bavarian conservatives welcoming the “correct approach” and Social Democrats shaking their heads at the new measure. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Germany's middle class firms are more prosperous than they have been 11 years but the outlook is pessimistic, says a recent study by Ernst & Young. [QIAxcel assembly/Flickr]

Germany’s middle class prosperous but pessimistic, survey shows

Medium-sized companies in Germany are doing better than ever, according to a semiannual study measuring economic conditions and prospects but the horizon is dark, with results showing growing pessimism over the geopolitical climate. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Protesters gather in Germany's government district to rally for getting the Energiewende back on track. The plan, originating in the 80s, is intended to promote a transition to renewable energy sources. Berlin 2014 [Ruben Neugebauer/Campact]
Energy 22-08-2014

German government criticised for energy transition

In a recent report, Germany's Federal Court of Auditors issued sharp criticism of Chancellor Angela Merkel's "Energiewende', a project aimed at transitioning to renewable energy. The government says the auditors are wrong to only consider financial aspects. EURACTIV Germany reports.
State Secretaries for European Affairs, Michael Roth (Germany), Harlem Désir (France) and Sandro Gozi (Italien) met on Wednesday (30 July) in Berlin. [German Foreign Office]

Germany, France and Italy unite to boost EU growth

European Ministers in Germany, France and Italy have joined forces hoping to boost economic growth in the EU, mulling new financing instruments to realise their goals. EURACTIV Germany.
Energy 31-07-2014

Germany moves closer to fracking ban

Germany has a moratorium on the use of fracking technology to extract unconventional fossil fuels but the method is not banned, something the country's Federal Environment Agency (UBA) hopes to change with swift regulation. EURACTIV Germany reports.
A container ship owned by the Danish shipping giant Maersk docks in a harbour in Hamburg, Germany. August 2010 [Niels Linneberg/Flickr]
Trade & Society 30-07-2014

Germany, Denmark benefit most from internal market

Twenty years after the introduction of the internal market, Europe is wealthier than ever with Germans and Danes benefiting the most from the steady increase in economic integration, according to a recent study by the Bertelsmann Foundation. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Die Linke attacks minimum wage age limit

German Labour Minister Andrea Nahles tabled a draft law last week introducing a minimum wage of €8.50 per hour. But opposition leaders from the Left Party (Die Linke) have already announced legal action against the proposed legislation. EURACTIV Germany reports.