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German Minister of Internal Affairs Thomas de Maizière attends a round table with IT experts in Washington D.C. [German Embassy to the United States]
Digital & Media 27-06-2014

US-German ‘cyber dialogue’ begins amid spying tensions

Germany has called for global standards to protect people’s privacy on the Internet in the run-up to a "cyber dialogue" opening in Berlin today (27 June), less than a year after US intelligence services were caught red-handed tapping Angela Merkel’s mobile phone. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Expansion of renewable energy sources over the last few years has unexpectedly "developed a problem", Commissioner Oettinger said on Monday (23 June). [Sven Gaedtke/Flickr]
Energy 25-06-2014

German coalition snubs opposition in renewables reform

On Friday (27 June), the Bundestag is expected to pass reforms to German legislation supporting renewable energies. But after new direction came from Brussels, confusion gripped Berlin's political scene earlier this week. EURACTIV Germany reports.