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German Minister of Research and Education Johanna Wanka hopes that more integration between the research and economic sectors will boost growth and create added benefit in the workplace. Leipzig, 2013 [WorldSkills/Flickr]

Berlin launches new High-Tech Strategy (HTS)

The German government unveiled its High-Tech Strategy on Wednesday (3 September), intended to boost integration between the research and economic sectors. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Taxis line up at an event in Berlin. 2011 [Taxi Berlin/Flickr]

Uber taxi app banned in Germany following court ruling

Smartphone apps for taxi services provided by the American company Uber are now banned in Germany, following a district court ruling in Frankfurt that has traditional cab drivers celebrating. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Elections 03-09-2014

German Eurosceptic AfD chides Merkel after state surge (UPDATED)

Riding a wave of momentum after a strong showing in a regional election, Germany's new populist party said on Monday it was time for Chancellor Angela Merkel to wake up and accept it as a new conservative force in German politics. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Former French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici. [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 29-08-2014

Berlin opposes Moscovici for economic affairs post

German media reports that Berlin will strongly oppose a French Socialist taking over the Economic and Monetary Affairs portfolio in Jean-Claude Juncker’s new European Commission. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger. [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 29-08-2014

Oettinger interested in Trade Commissioner post

Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger has said he is open to taking over the trade portfolio, a move that would put the German politician front and centre in negotiations over the controversial EU-US trade agreement, TTIP. EURACTIV Germany reports.
The German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, Germany. [Mehr Demokratie]
Euro & Finance 29-07-2014

German economist group attacks European banking union

A group of professors in Germany has filed a complaint against the EU’s new banking supervisory mechanism before the German constitutional court, claiming the European banking union has no legal basis in the EU treaties. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Merkel arrives in Brussels for a meeting with top EU leaders. 16 July 2014 [The Council of the European Union]
Euro & Finance 18-07-2014

Kohl encourages Merkel to pursue EU unity

In a letter congratulating German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her 60th birthday Thursday (17 July), former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl encouraged her to focus on policy that brings Europe closer together, and emphasised the value of partnership with the United States. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Foreign immigrants make up more than 38% of residents in Berlin's Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, which is home to a thriving Turkish community. Berlin, 2008. [Sven/Flickr]
Global Europe 14-07-2014

European Court of Justice bans German language requirement for Turkish spouse visas

On Thursday (10 July) the EU’s top court ruled against Germany’s language requirement for Turkish spouses applying for residence in the country, rebuffing the German government and saying the right to family reunification is essential to integration in the member states. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Around one fourth of industry power in Germany is generated from the plants themselves. Hainburg, Germany October 2013 [Carsten Frenzl/Flickr]
Energy 11-07-2014

Brussels, Berlin bury hatchet over green energy rebates

After months of tension, Germany and the European Commission have resolved their conflict over Berlin's support scheme for renewable energy, by agreeing on planned industry rebates. But this did not happen without concessions from the Merkel government. reports.
Euro & Finance 11-07-2014

Germany pushes early adoption of EU banking union rules

After years of resistance to plans for a European banking union, Germany has switched gear and has now decided to implement the EU rules one year in advance of schedule, sending alarm bells ringing among the country’s top banks and the Monopolies Commission. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Labour Minister Andrea Nahles (Social Democratic Party) has reason to celebrate: on Thursday (3 July) the Bundestag approved Germany's first universal minimum wage. []

Bundestag approves Germany’s first universal minimum wage

The German Bundestag gave the green light on Thursday (3 July) to introduce a universal wage floor in the Federal Republic, drawing the final line under a 10-year political debate and with only five representatives voting against the law. EURACTIV Germany reports.
NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at her residence in Berlin. [NATO]
Europe's East 03-07-2014

Merkel sceptical of NATO deployments in Eastern Europe

During a visit by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacted with caution to calls for permanent deployment of allied troops in Eastern European countries, amid fears of Russian retaliation in several member states. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German consumers spent close to € 1.6 trillion in 2013. Berlin 2013 [Sascha Kohlmann/Flickr]
Health 26-06-2014

ECB interest rate cut bolsters spending in Germany

After an ECB resolution to push interest rates to all-time lows, the inclination to save is dwindling among consumers, a trend apparent among Germans, who are spending more than they have in seven years. EURACTIV Germany reports.
A coal power generation plant in Weisweiler, Germany. May 2014 [Thorsten Mohr/Flickr]
Energy 13-06-2014

Berlin pushes Brussels to expedite emissions trading reforms

Germany has expressed its support for a proposal from the European Commission to reform the EU's emissions trading system, but it urges the EU to pursue more extensive improvements, and to introduce a so-called market stability reserve within the current parliamentary term. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. [The Council of the European Union]
EU Elections 2014 28-04-2014

Schulz: ‘Berlusconi is dividing Europe’

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is "dividing Europe in a dangerous manner", Martin Schulz told EURACTIV Germany on Monday (28 April), referring to Berlusconi's attempts to score points in the European elections with anti-German slogans, while Europe's centre-right is distancing itself from his "repulsive" statements. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Michel Sapin, May 2013 [Parti socialiste/Flickr]
Euro & Finance 04-04-2014

German government: France must adhere to Stability Pact

France is again seeking an extension from the EU on the deadline to reduce its national deficit. European Parliament President Martin Schulz supports the idea but the German government is insisting on adherence to the guidelines of the European Stability Pact. EURACTIV Germany reports.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (right) meets with EU Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia. Brussels, 2011 [EC]
Europe's East 01-04-2014

German Finance Minister compares Putin to Hitler

Vladimir Putin's methods hearken back to those of Adolf Hitler, said German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble on Monday (31 March), intensifying the quarrel with Russia over the Crimean crisis. EURACTIV Germany reports.