Elections 01-07-2014

Sarkozy detained for questioning over graft case

Nicolas Sarkozy was detained for questioning today (1 July) in a widening corruption probe, a judicial source told AFP, in an unprecedented move against a former French president.
Greek soldiers Athens, undated.[Shutterstock]
EU Priorities 2020 01-07-2014

Greece closes EU presidency, says country back to ‘normal’

Greece on Monday (30 June) wrapped up its leadership of the rotating EU presidency by claiming the six-month stint had proved that it was a "normal country" capable of managing its finances.

Italy rescues migrants and finds 30 bodies in boat

About 30 bodies have been found in a migrant boat which was stopped between Sicily and the North African coast, Italian news agencies reported this morning (30 June), citing the navy and coastguard.
Brexit 30-06-2014

British press speculates about EU exit after Juncker blow

Britain's newspapers warned Saturday (28 June) that the country had edged closer to leaving the EU after Prime Minister David Cameron's "crushing" failure to block Jean-Claude Juncker becoming president of the European Commission.
Brexit 30-06-2014

Poll: Brits doubt Cameron’s ability to reform EU

British voters are pessimistic about Prime Minister David Cameron's ability to achieve reforms to the European Union that he believes are crucial to persuading Britain to stay in the bloc, a new poll found on Sunday (29 June).
Jean-Claude Juncker's campaign tour bus [Photo: European People's Party/Flickr]
EU Priorities 2020 27-06-2014

Juncker: The veteran EU insider loathed by Britain

Jean-Claude Juncker, named on Friday as the next head of the European Commission, is a veteran EU insider and arch-pragmatist with a love of a drink and a dry sense of humour.
Elections 26-06-2014

Polish cabinet survives confidence vote

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk yesterday (25 June) survived a vote of confidence in his coalition amid a high-profile bugging scandal that has prompted calls for his centre-right government to resign.
Elections 26-06-2014

Romanian parliament calls on President to step down

Romania's parliament yesterday (25 June) called on President Traian B?sescu to step down after his brother was arrested for accepting bribes from a mobster.
Euro & Finance 25-06-2014

Outgoing Finland PM named to key EU economics post

Jyrki Katainen, Finland's outgoing prime minister, is to become the EU's interim Economics Affairs commissioner, replacing compatriot Olli Rehn, who is leaving to join the European Parliament, the EU said Wednesday (25 June).
EU Elections 2014 25-06-2014

Le Pen vows far-right EU Parliament group by end of the year

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen vowed Wednesday to form a Eurosceptic bloc in the European parliament by the year's end, after her National Front party and its allies failed to do so this week.