Ewald König, EURACTIV.de

EU Elections 2014 17-04-2014

Official: German electoral oversight is unique in EU

In Germany, elections are a ‘self-organised act of the people’: it is the only EU member state where EU elections are overseen by ordinary citizens, and an independent returning officer, who spoke in Berlin on Wednesday (16 April). EURACTIV Germany reports.
David McAllister is the top candidate for Merkel's Christian democrats in the 2014 European elections. Dublin 2014 [European People's Party/Flickr]
EU Elections 2014 17-04-2014

McAllister: CDU and CSU have ‘different agendas’ in EU elections

Angela Merkel's centre-right CDU party and the Bavarian CSU are closely integrated, but they will run separate campaigns for the European elections, top CDU candidate David McAllister explained, pointing out stark differences between the two sister parties. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Global Europe 19-03-2014

Brok: ‘Economic sanctions are much more costly for Europe than for America’

Elmar Brok, an influential German centre-right MEP, expressed frustration over the US approach to the Crimea crisis, warning Washington to show greater tact when speaking about the EU’s Ukraine policy and potential sanctions on Russia. EURACTIV Germany reports.
Public Affairs 09-12-2013

Too many acronyms, not enough heads: EU’s image problem revisited in Berlin debate

Criticism of Europe has become a recurrent feature in the media with the eurozone debt crisis. But German media received a slap on the back for its quality coverage of EU affairs at a debate in Berlin last Monday (2 December).
Elections 27-11-2013

Coalition deal signals continuation of Merkel’s EU policy

The coalition agreement, announced earlier today (27 November), shows high awareness of European expectation for the new German government. Yet, the EU chapter of the deal reads like a compulsory exercise buried under domestic policy, EURACTIV.de reports.