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Global warming likely to breach 2C threshold, climate scientists conclude

Global warming is likely to surpass the previously recognised danger threshold of a 2C average increase in temperature, according to the world-leading climate scientists meeting in Sweden this week.
Brexit 29-07-2013

Trial run for biggest battery in Europe

A trial of the largest battery in Europe, which proponents hope will transform the UK electricity grid and boost renewable energy is due to start in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.
Brexit 26-07-2013

Energy efficiency squads will visit UK households

Squads of insulators and energy efficiency experts are to be sent house to house around the UK, in the latest stage of the government's bid to plug the gaps in Britain's leaky homes and curb rising bills.
Energy 10-07-2013

Future of UK offshore wind power in ‘serious doubt’

The future of offshore wind power generation in the UK is in serious doubt, as the government's plans to encourage new wind farms are over-expensive and flawed, a think tank study has found.
Health 05-06-2013

Eat less meat for greater food security, British population urged

People in Britain should eat meat less often, in order to help ease the food crises in the developing world, an influential committee of MPs has urged.
Climate change 27-05-2013

Britain resists EU bid to set new target on renewable energy

The UK government will oppose attempts to set a new renewable energy target within the EU, in a move that could put at risk tens of billions of pounds of green investment and tens of thousands of new jobs.
European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger with Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard
Energy 28-03-2013

Oettinger calls for no new taxes as talks begin on 2030 climate targets

There should be no new taxes on energy within the EU, and current taxes should not be raised, if prices are to be kept competitive with rivals fuelled by cheap shale gas in the US, the EU's energy chief has told the Guardian.
Energy 16-01-2013

UK seeks to water down Arctic oil drilling proposals

The UK government is seeking to water down planned EU regulations on deep-sea oil drilling, even while insisting to MPs that it wants "robust environmental protection" for oil drilling in the Arctic.
Energy 19-12-2012

Coal to challenge oil’s dominance by 2017, says IEA

Coal is likely to rival oil as the world's biggest source of energy in the next five years, with potentially disastrous consequences for the climate, according to the world's leading authority on energy economics.
Climate change 10-12-2012

Doha climate change deal clears way for ‘damage aid’ to poor nations

Poor countries have won historic recognition of the plight they face from the ravages of climate change, wringing a pledge from rich nations that they will receive funds to repair the "loss and damage" incurred.
Climate change 29-11-2012

UN: Methane released from melting ice could push climate past tipping point

The United Nations sounded a stark warning on the threat to the climate from methane in the thawing permafrost as governments met for climate change negotiations in Doha, Qatar.
Climate change 21-11-2012

European companies ‘using emissions trading to subsidise overseas rivals’

Some of the companies that have complained loudest about the EU's environmental measures are using the EU's Emissions Trading System (ETS) to give money to rivals in other countries instead of cutting their own greenhouse gas emissions, it has emerged.
Climate change 13-11-2012

US can become world’s biggest oil producer in a decade, says IEA

The US can shed its longstanding dependence on Saudi Arabian oil within the next decade, redrawing the world's political systems and potentially leading to runaway global warming.
Brexit 25-10-2012

UK makes biggest emissions cuts in Europe

The United Kingdom cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than any other European country in 2011, over-achieving on targets under the Kyoto protocol on climate change. Some of the reduction was owing to milder weather and an increase in renewable energy generation, but the sluggish economy is also likely to have contributed.
Brexit 09-10-2012

UK Tories warned by EU against stifling green agenda

Brussels has placed itself on a collision course with Britain's ruling Conservative party by issuing a blunt warning on the dangers of stifling the green agenda.
Brexit 23-07-2012

London 2012 falls short of ‘greenest ever’ targets, report shows

The "greenest Olympics ever" could have been a great deal greener than they will be, says a critical new report that finds fault with the handling of the Games' environmental impact.
Climate change 11-07-2012

New cars in Europe may have to cut carbon emissions by one-third

New cars and vans in the European Union will produce one-third less carbon dioxide within eight years, under proposed new rules set out on Wednesday (11 July) in Brussels.
Energy 18-06-2012

UK government waters down EU energy efficiency deal

Green campaigners angered by UK's opposition to a binding target in the Energy Efficiency Directive. The energy and climate change secretary, Ed Davey, defended the UK's role in EED negotiations.
Energy 04-06-2012

Leaked documents reveal UK fight to dilute EU green energy targets

Allegations of coalition hypocrisy over green issues as critics say documents show UK has caved in to fossil fuel lobbyists.
Climate change 30-05-2012

EU emissions rise despite climate change policies

Greenhouse gas emissions for the European Union increased in 2010, despite the economic recession and policies intended to tackle climate change.
Brexit 23-05-2012

UK government announces biggest energy reforms in 20 years

The biggest reforms to the UK energy sector in two decades were set out yesterday (22 May), prompting warnings from consumer groups and green campaigners that they would raise bills and penalise renewable energy while boosting nuclear power.
Brexit 17-04-2012

UK gas ‘fracking’ gets green light

Ministers have been advised to allow the controversial practice of fracking for shale gas to be extended in Britain, despite it causing two earthquakes and the emergence of serious doubts over the safety of the wells that have already been drilled.
Climate change 09-03-2012

Global accord on nuclear safety needed urgently – World Energy Council

A new international accord on the management and safety of nuclear power plants should be a priority for governments, an influential global energy organisation has said.