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Le Premier ministre italien Matteo Renzi à Bruxelles mars 2014. [Palazzo Chigi/Flickr]
Technology 09-06-2014

Italian Presidency vows telecoms reform by end of 2014

Italy’s incoming presidency of the EU will focus on adopting the entire telecoms reform by the end of the year and will avoid splitting the package to put aside the most controversial issues, a member of the Italian government told EURACTIV. 
Europe's East 15-05-2014

EU-Russia trade drops sharply, as bilateral relations sour

In a new sign of chilling relations between the EU and Russia, trade between the two blocs dropped considerably in the first quarter of 2014, while the EU trade deficit with Moscow slightly declined, according to Eurostat figures to be published on Friday (16 May).
Technology 16-04-2014

EU moves to speed up fibre networks

The European Parliament adopted new rules aimed at deploying high-speed telecoms networks on Tuesday (15 April), paving the way for wider Internet coverage of rural and poorer areas.

EU Court slams Data Retention Directive

The EU directive imposing data retention obligations on electronic communications services, such as telecoms operators or Internet access providers, is no longer valid, said the European Court of Justice in a landmark ruling.
e-Commerce 07-04-2014

EU bets on consumer rights to boost e-commerce

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is stepping up its efforts to inform and protect consumers when they shop online, in a bid to boost e-commerce.
Technology 04-04-2014

MEPs strengthen Net Neutrality in telecoms overhaul

The European Parliament approved yesterday (3 April) a reform of rules governing telecoms and the Internet, enhancing guarantees for consumers to freely access online services, compared to the original text proposed by the Commission.
Technology 01-04-2014

Consumers join battle against Google in search case

The EU’s main consumer organisation joined the antitrust case against Google on Monday (March 31), accusing the tech giant of misleading users with biased search results.
Technology 19-03-2014

Telecoms reform passes first Parliament hurdle

A proposed shake-up of the EU telecoms sector passed its first hurdle in the European Parliament yesterday (18 March) but may stumble over 'Net Neutrality' in a final plenary vote scheduled for the beginning of April.
Technology 10-03-2014

Telecoms merger reforms in doubt

Europe's leading mobile telecoms operators renewed their calls for a reform of EU rules which should favour mergers in the fragmented market, but their appeal may fall on deaf ears.  
Technology 28-02-2014

Mobile streaming in the spotlight at World Congress

SPECIAL REPORT / Video streaming devices, apps and infrastructure featured high in this year's edition of the Mobile World Congress as the sector is expected to exceed 80% of global internet traffic in the next few years. EURACTIV reports from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  
Technology 26-02-2014

Industry warns radio frequencies may become scarcer than oil

SPECIAL REPORT / While the EU faces the serious risk of a new indefinite delay in regulating radio spectrum access across member states, industry warns against mobile data gridlocks and potentially higher prices for smartphone usage, as frequencies become “scarcer than oil”. EURACTIV reports from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Technology 25-02-2014

Kroes’ future? ‘I’m not going to grow roses’

SPECIAL REPORT / European Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes aims at getting a green light for the establishment of a genuine EU single market for telecoms before the end of her mandate and does not rule out staying in business. “I’m not going to grow roses,” she told EURACTIV in an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Technology 24-02-2014

Investment piles up on 5G development

SPECIAL REPORT / Public and private investment is taking off to push the deployment from 2020 of the fifth generation of mobile communications, the 5G, which will be among the hot topics under debate at the World Mobile Congress, starting today (24 February) in Barcelona.
Development Policy 21-02-2014

MEPs vote ‘anti-Mubarak’ amendment in EU money laundering law

The European Parliament committees responsible for economic affairs and civil liberties voted yesterday (20 February) with an overwhelmingly majority in favour of a tightening of EU rules against money laundering. The draft law also covers “foreign politically-exposed persons”, in what lawmakers billed the "anti-Mubarak" amdendment.
Euro & Finance 20-02-2014

Financiers snipe at draft EU law against money laundering

Representatives of financial transactions services have criticised harshly the EU's draft legislation to fight money laundering which will go through its first parliamentary vote today (20 February) and enjoys the support of the anti-corruption champion, Transparency International.
Technology 18-02-2014

Usage data illustrates failure of EU’s mobile policy

Despite almost a decade of regulation, most EU citizens do not use their mobile phones abroad for fear of bill shocks, according to an EU-wide poll released yesterday (17 February).
Technology 13-02-2014

EU’s top telecoms official rules out government control of the internet

The European Commission is trying to carve a mediator role for itself in the global debate over the future of internet governance, taking its distance from the US but also from the idea of a United Nations' leadership of the Web, supported by Russia and China.
Technology 12-02-2014

EU celebrates another Safer Internet Day as cybercrime grows

The European Commission rewarded yesterday (11 February) the best creators of online content for kids as part of the celebrations of the tenth Safer Internet Day, yet cybercrime is growing and is increasingly targeting children.
Technology 09-12-2013

EU losing power struggle with national telecoms bodies

The European Commission will this week issue a rebuttal against the Italian telecoms regulator for its proposed reduction of broadband fees. The move comes after several similar actions aimed at asserting EU powers against national authorities, but it risks proving ineffective.
Technology 19-07-2012

Brussels to unveil EU cloud computing strategy

EXCLUSIVE: The European Commission is finalising a strategy on cloud computing aimed at promoting the use of off-site data storage in a bid to cut information technology costs and create new jobs, according to a draft paper seen by EURACTIV. 

EU leaders set to adopt Growth Compact

European leaders will adopt a ‘Compact for Growth and Jobs’ at their summit on Thursday and Friday in Brussels, stressing the importance of restoring economic growth in Europe, according to the draft conclusions of the meeting seen by EURACTIV.
Euro & Finance 21-06-2012

Danes table last compromise on EU finance tax

A financial transactions tax “similar to a stamp duty” and temporarily excluding derivatives is the last attempt made by the Danish EU presidency to enlist Britain's support for the controversial plan. Failing this, a vanguard group of 10 member states led by France and Germany have already indicated they will move forward on their own.
Euro & Finance 20-06-2012

Commission mulls fiscal IDs to stop tax evasion

The European Commission is considering setting up a single European tax identification number for EU citizens and companies in order to improve tax collection rates, according to an internal document seen by EURACTIV.
Public Affairs 11-06-2012

How the Parliament boosts its Facebook audience

The European Parliament’s popularity in social media has rocketed in recent years despite a drop in citizens’ confidence in political parties and a decreasing turnout at European elections. A number of tricks to attract fans on Facebook and Twitter help explain this contradiction.