Georgi Gotev

Euro & Finance 29-08-2014

Diplomats: Tusk to also become Euro Summit President

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who is widely expected to be chosen by EU leaders at their summit tomorrow (30 August) to succeed Herman Van Rompuy as Council President, will also become Euro Summit President, diplomats said.
Future EU 26-08-2014

EU summit only to decide Van Rompuy and Ashton successors

EXCLUSIVE / The extraordinary EU summit on 30 August, which was expected to put together “the full puzzle” of the EU top jobs for the next five years, will only decide on the successors of Council President Herman Van Rompuy, and EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton, sources told EURACTIV today (26 August).
Global Europe 18-07-2014

Downed Malaysian plane: ‘War has gone beyond Ukraine’

War has gone beyond the territory of Ukraine, the country’s President Petro Poroshenko has stated following the shocking news that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was brought down yesterday (17 July) over the territory of Eastern Ukraine close to the Russian border.
EU Elections 2014 17-06-2014

Juncker seen rejecting Cameron’s EU Commission reform plan

The leading candidate for the European Commission presidency, Jean-Claude Juncker, has rejected a request by UK Prime Minister David Cameron that the next British commissioner be given charge of a “cluster” of key portfolios, EURACTIV has learned.
EU Elections 2014 12-06-2014

Cameron warming up to Juncker

EXCLUSIVE/ The British position that the EPP leading candidate Jean-Claude Juncker for Commission President is not fit for the job is undermined by reports that London would accept the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg to lead the EU executive, if the British commissioner is given charge of a “cluster” of key portfolios, EURACTIV has learned.
Global Europe 05-06-2014

Hollande emerges as peacemaker at G7 dinner

French President François Hollande emerged as the peacemaker, following the working dinner of the world's leading industrialised nations Group of Seven (G7) held in Brussels yesterday (4 June). The French President will host further diplomatic contacts, involving the leaders of Russia and Ukraine, today and tomorrow.
EU ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombi?ski
Europe's East 03-06-2014

Diplomats polemicise over Ukraine’s EU membership perspective

Speaking at a conference organised by the European Policy centre (EPC) yesterday (2 June), Kostyantin Yelisieiev, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the EU, made an appeal for his country to be given a clear membership perspective to the European Union.
Andriy Deshchytsia
Europe's East 22-05-2014

Ukraine says ‘armed Russians’ cross its border

Ukraine’s foreign ministry has strongly protested attempts to cross the country’s border by armed insurgents from Russia, in what is seen as attempts to disrupt the presidential elections on 25 May, and destabilize the situation in the eastern region of the country.
Enlargement 21-05-2014

Cyprus may elect first Turkish MEP

The Republic of Cyprus is likely to elect its first MEP from the Turkey-occupied northern part of the Island, a move that signals progress in the island's reunification talks, diplomats told EURACTIV.
EU Elections 2014 20-05-2014

Diplomats: No matter who wins EU elections, the favourite is Lagarde

IMF chief Christine Lagarde is being increasingly name checked, in the context of preparations for the 27 May EU summit, two days after the results of the European elections are known, diplomats told EURACTIV.
A US veteran in a Normandy cemetery. Archive photo
Global Europe 07-05-2014

Putin to attend D-Day anniversary

On 6 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit France to attend the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the Allies' landing at Normandy, a turning point in World War II, where US President Barack Obama and other Western leaders are also expected.
"EU leaders". Photo Georgi Gotev
EU Elections 2014 05-05-2014

None of the leading candidates will be Commission President: analyst

None of the three leading candidates will become President of the Commission, José Ignacio Torreblanca, senior research fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations has told EURACTIV.  Instead, EU leaders will choose a “Barroso-type” compromise candidate, he said.
EU Elections 2014 28-04-2014

EU liberals distance themselves from Bulgarian MEP candidate

Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the liberal ALDE group in the European Parliament, has failed to convince a Bulgarian sister party not to put a controversial candidate in the lists for the European elections, EURACTIV has learned.
Future EU 25-04-2014

Verhofstadt vows to follow Delors’ path as Commission President

Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE leader, and party candidate for the European Commission Presidency, presented his program Friday (25 April), which he said was inspired by vintage politician Jacques Delors, widely seen as the most visionary EU leader.
South Stream map
Energy 25-04-2014

Bulgaria, Commission, lost in translation over South Stream

Bulgarian Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev met with the EU's Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger Thursday (24 April) to discuss the future of the Gazprom-sponsored South Stream gas pipeline. But the two sides offered a widely diverging interpretation of the exchange.
Yuriy Prodan. Photo Georgi Gotev
Energy 09-04-2014

Ukrainian minister: ‘Gas can stop flowing at any moment’

EXCLUSIVE / The gas price hike from $268.50 per 1,000 cubic meters to $485.50 imposed by Moscow on Kyiv could cut gas supplies from Russia to the EU through Ukrainian territory, Yuriy Prodan, Ukraine's minister of energy and coal industry told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.
EU Elections 2014 08-04-2014

EPP: Next Commission President must be a coalition builder

The next president of the European Commission shall be from the political family able to form the necessary qualified majority in the European Parliament, the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) stated yesterday (7 April).
Future EU 04-04-2014

Brussels has become a Moloch, says Letta

Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta said yesterday (3 April) that it was important to show to European citizens that the EU is not Brussels, adding that the former system of holding summits in the capitals holding the rotating presidency of the Union was better than the current system of having all summits take place in Brussels.
Global Europe 20-03-2014

EU leaders losing ‘propaganda war’, says diplomat

In the wake of the Ukraine crisis, European leaders meeting today (20 March) in Brussels will likely limit themselves to adding a few names on the sanctions blacklist and possibly cancelling the June EU-Russia summit, diplomats said, with one slamming the West for losing the 'propaganda war' over Crimea.
Global Europe 14-03-2014

EU shunned from US-Russia meeting on Ukraine

A high-ranking European Union diplomat regretted that no EU officials were invited to a London meeting today (14 March) between US State Secretary John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, described as a last-chance opportunity before Russia annexes the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

Brussels lays out plans to counter ‘systemic threats’ to EU rule of law

In light of recent lurches toward authoritarianism in Hungary and Romania, the European Commission adopted today (11 March) a mechanism for addressing “systemic threats” to the rule of law in any of the EU's 28 Member States. 
Europe's East 07-03-2014

EU blamed for mishandling Ukraine trade pact agreement

EXCLUSIVE / The EU finds itself in the embarrassing situation of having mishandled a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Ukraine’s landmark Association Agreement, and the new Kyiv government is furious, EURACTIV has found. 
Global Europe 06-03-2014

EU gives ultimatum to Russia over its ‘aggression’ against Ukraine

At their extraordinary summit held today (6 March), called in response to the escalation of the crisis in Ukraine, EU leaders demanded that Russia immediately withdraw its forces from Crimea, grant access to monitors, and begin negotiations. If it does not comply, Moscow has been threatened with travel bans and an assets freeze, which could also hit Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Europe's East 05-03-2014

EU matches Putin’s €11 billion financial offer to Ukraine

Commission President José Manuel Barroso announced today (5 March) a financial package for Ukraine of approximately €11 billion, matching Russian President Vladimir Putin’s previous offer, which had rewarded former president Viktor Yanukovich for not signing the Association Agreement with the EU. Moscow has since withdrawn the offer.