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  • Ukraine opposition divided over election strategy

    News | Elections 10-01-2014

    Ukraine's three main opposition leaders agree that the only way to achieve their goal of anchoring Ukraine to the EU is a common victory at the 2015 presidential election, but there are strong divides over election tactics.

  • Schulz: Door is still open for Ukraine

    News | Global Europe 20-12-2013

    European Parliament President Martin Schulz has reaffirmed the EU's position that the door remains open to Ukraine after its decision to put on hold its EU association process last month in favour of closer relations with Russia. EU leaders are expected to discuss relations with Ukraine and Russia when their meeting resumes today (20 December).

  • EU wary of using development aid to contain migration

    News | Development Policy 18-12-2013

    After the Lampedusa tragedy, several EU leaders have called for development aid to be targeted toward countries, mostly in Africa, which are a major source of illegal immigration. The European Commission admits that there is a link between giving aid and containing migratory flows, whilst insisting that the two tracks are completely separate. 

  • Lavrov lifts veil over Russia’s intentions for Ukraine

    News | Europe's East 17-12-2013

    Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the European Union of trying to impose a free trade agreement on Ukraine that will likely ruin its economy. Speaking in Brussels yesterday (16 December), he advocated instead a “unified economic and humanitarian space from Lisbon to Vladivostok” to be established between the EU and the Russian-led Eurasian Union. 

  • Riot police storm Kyiv protestors’ camp during Ashton visit

    News | Europe's East 11-12-2013

    Ukrainian anti-riot forces took the central square of Kyiv by storm last night, clashing with protestors just hours after EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton had met Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to repeat that the door remained open for him to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union.

  • EU ‘refines its thinking’ on its Ukraine-Russia relations

    News | Europe's East 27-11-2013

    One day before the Vilnius summit Eastern partnership summit, the European Commission today (27 November) hinted that it was “refining its thinking” about holding trilateral trade talks with Ukraine and Russia.

  • Ukraine stuns EU by putting association deal on ice

    News | Global Europe 21-11-2013

    Kyiv has decided to put its move for closer integration with the EU on hold in favour of talks to revive economic relations with Russia, one week before the country was expected to sign a landmark association agreement with the 28-country bloc in Vilnius.

  • Pundits: Yanukovich holds the key of Ukraine’s geopolitical choice

    Special Report | News | Europe's East 18-11-2013

    SPECIAL REPORT / Ten days ahead of the Vilnius summit of the Eastern partnership, analysts diverge on the chances that a landmark EU-Ukraine Association Agreement would be signed on this occasion, but agree that one person holds the key to the country’s geopolitical choice: its President Viktor Yanukovich. 

  • Ukrainian parliament pours cold water over the country’s EU prospects

    News | Europe's East 13-11-2013

    As the Ukrainian Parliament failed today (13 November) to pass a bill on the release of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for treatment abroad, the chances that a landmark Association Agreement with Ukraine will be signed at the 28-29 November summit appear slimmer than ever.

  • Bulgaria warns of new gas crisis

    News | Energy 07-11-2013

    Bulgarian Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev warned yesterday (6 November) of a possible repeat of the 2009 gas crisis as a result of the intensified conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

  • Commission to regulate flushing of toilets and urinals

    News | Climate change 29-10-2013

    The European Commission will adopt criteria next week on delivering an ecolabel to toilets and urinals, EURACTIV has learned. The decision comes after years of efforts by experts working for the European Commission's environment directorate, as well as "stakeholders" studying “user behaviour” and “best practices”.

  • EU’s long-term budget bedeviled by details

    News | EU Priorities 2020 18-10-2013

    As member states bickered over details, MEPs yesterday (17 October) postponed a vote on the 2014-2020 EU budget for the November session, raising doubts about the implementation of the €960 billion package by the planned 1 January 2014 deadline.